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User Info: luigi33

4 months ago#1
Since the stadiums and everything remind me of a european football League, and honestly I thought they would have some sort of sports mini-game, but would you play a Pokemon Soccer game where you can utilize Pokemon powers to manipulate the ball, dribble, shoot, and defend?
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User Info: Moongeist

4 months ago#2
\ ' ^ ' /

User Info: PokemonClown

4 months ago#3
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User Info: Ikorus13

4 months ago#4
Would i buy it? No.

Would i play it? maybe as a novelty for some couch gaming with a friend.
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User Info: the_NGW

4 months ago#5
Soccer sucks, so no.
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User Info: _Dog_

4 months ago#6
I would try a Pokémon game in the vein of Mario Kart.
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User Info: DaDrkKnight

4 months ago#7
Sure, as long as the playable pokemon are hyper aggressive like the Mario characters. Seriously, they were on something to be so angry hyped like that. Waluigi f***ed the air, ffs
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