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  3. What era did you start playing Pokemon?

User Info: Second_Hokage

1 month ago#1
Topic - Results (375 votes)
Since the beginning in 1998 (Red and Blue)
62.93% (236 votes)
99/early 2000s (Yellow, Silver, Gold, Crystal)
17.33% (65 votes)
Mid-ish 2000s (Ruby, Sapphire, LG, FR, Emerald)
10.13% (38 votes)
Early DS Era (Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, HG, SS)
6.4% (24 votes)
Late DS Era (Black, White, B2, W2)
1.6% (6 votes)
Early 3DS Era (X, Y, ORAS)
1.07% (4 votes)
Late 3DS Era (Sun, Moon, US, UM)
0.53% (2 votes)
Switch Era (Let's Go series)
0% (0 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Just curious to know when everyone first started.

I started with Pokemon Yellow in 1999. I still have memories of not knowing what in the world i had to do or where to go *gets flashbacks of trying to figure out silph co. as an 8 year old*. From then on, i had and played every entry up to ORAS. Sun and moon killed the series for me moving forward. I just stick to the older games now.

User Info: Plasmas

1 month ago#2
Very beginning

Blue was the first game I actually beat by myself

And I haven't missed a core game since (not counting the alternative to starting version I got (red,pearl,etc,)) let's go were the first main games I skipped
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User Info: Dennis_Malbini

1 month ago#3
Mid-00's but my first game was Silver
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User Info: Ikorus13

1 month ago#4
OG Pokemon Blue.

...I didn't beat it on my own for a long time. I shamelessly cheated infinite rare candy a schoolbus friend showed me how to do.

First pokemon game i beat legit all by myself was silver. My eevee hated me all game. Didnt evolve until just before red battle lmao. Red beat my ass too, several times, but i eventually won.
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User Info: The_Uberchaun

1 month ago#5
I started with Sapphire.
That's all I have to say about that.

User Info: Yasukima

1 month ago#6
I started mid 2000s but I started with Pokémon Red version
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User Info: AuraWielder

1 month ago#7
Early DS era, specifically Diamond.
Such a slow engine after I played other Pokemon games, but I freaking loved my first Pokemon experience.
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User Info: XNinjaX5

1 month ago#8
I started with red, those memories and nostalgic feelings

User Info: Tizzy

1 month ago#9
Since the beginning. Pokemon yellow was the first game I ever played in my llife and is what not only got me into being a pokemon fan for life, but also into games in general and if it wasn't for that I'd probably wouldn't like gaming as a hobby like I do now.

So I'm grateful for that.
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User Info: Serum

1 month ago#10
I did play RBY but I wasn't that into it until DPPt
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