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User Info: Reaper115

3 days ago#1
If you've been on any other Pokemon boards here you know that this gets asked a lot, but I always like hearing people's stories. Plus, I haven't seen it on this particular board.

The first shiny I ever encountered was a Golbat in Emerald. I didn't know what a shiny was at that point so I ran away from it... I thought it was a glitch or something and didn't want to screw up my game.

The first one I actually caught was a Koffing in the Burned Tower (HG). I was terrified that it would self destruct on me before I caught it, and I don't think I had a Master Ball at that point. Turns out I didn't need to worry because Koffing can't even learn SD until level 24 and all of the Koffing in the BT are 14-16.

After that I encountered a lot more through the various games. Guess I developed some luck.
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User Info: Sammuthegreat

3 days ago#2
Uxie, believe it or not. I didn't even know what the little sparkle animation meant cos Uxie's shiny form looks so similar to the normal one. Luckily I caught it easily enough.

After that it was a Bidoof... Talk about feast to famine

User Info: JGPJR79

2 days ago#3
Shiny Caterpie in Silver.

However, shiny Trapinch in X is my favorite one.
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User Info: Lexifox

2 days ago#4
First encounter was an Electrode in Gen 2 that blew up.

First catch was Ilex Forest Oddish tho.
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User Info: FearlessKage

2 days ago#5
Legit shiny outside of the guaranteed ones?

Shiny Smoochum in Gold while breeding Jynx for one.
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User Info: paipr

2 days ago#6
In one of my original playthroughs of Pokemon Crystal I was given the daycare egg and it hatched into a Shiny Magby. And while I think Pink Magmar/Magmortar is hideous, this was the beginning of my appreciation for what is one of my favorite Fire type lines.
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User Info: Moongeist

2 days ago#7
First unscripted encounter was a Golbat in gen 2 (silver?) that i didn't have enough pokeballs for, first obtained was Solosis through hatching with a shiny charm, first unplanned catch was Audino in white 2 while working on my living Dex for X, and first unplanned, unscripted, full odds shiny was Raticate in LGE
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User Info: tottenhamfan

2 days ago#8
Sandshrew in Leaf Green
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User Info: fatdebby321

2 days ago#9
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User Info: Nightfire2512

2 days ago#10
Aside from Gyarados, my first was a Horsea in Crystal. I was looking for one of the two genders for breeding purposes and had it pop up. It was the opposite gender, sadly, but I still caught it.

I’ve also had some incredible luck more recently, because I’ve found at least one in nearly every game since Black version (Black, B2, X, Y, and Sun for sure).