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  3. Was LGPE a good thing or a bad thing? And do you want elements of it in this?

User Info: TEzeon431

1 week ago#1
Should this game take inspiration from LGPE in some mechanics?

I feel like LGPE was a mixed bag and a very polarizing entry in the series. There were some good things about it that I think most agree on, though. The exploration mechanic and the overworld encounters replacing the random, wild encounters, was a very good move and a step in the right direction. Its just really nice seeing exactly what Pokemon you are going to face off against and whether or not its a shiny before stepping into the battle. Its also just a great visual to see the Pokemon going about their business on the overworld.

I also enjoyed how much of it was different from all the other versions of Kanto we have been exposed to in the past. The areas felt a bit more fleshed out and there was a greater abundance of potential Pokemon to find all over the place. It was really just fun to walk around, explore the world, and catch stuff.

But that's also where the game fell short. Like Pokemon Go, really the main focus of the game is to just catch as many of and whatever you can find. The battling took a nosedive. A lot of core mechanics were just missing. Certain moves were very unbalanced, like Pikachu and Eevee's unique moves. So instead of really feeling like an RPG, which is where Pokemon has grounded its roots, it felt more like an adventure and collecting game.

Overall I'd say LGPE was a nice little experiment and introduced some interesting concepts, but ultimately I don't think its the best direction for the series to go in. I would love to see that LGPE overworld mechanic in Sword and Shield, but aside from that I think most of the other changes wouldn't be too beneficial to the RPG Pokemon games.

User Info: Moongeist

1 week ago#2
I think it could be a good thing if they use it as a chance to keep those more casual and make the main games a bit harder. I think there are certain aspects (following Pokemon, riding Pokemon) that could be good to bring to the more traditional titles, but I don't want a lot of overlap.
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User Info: DreikoSaMa

1 week ago#3
I think pokemon spinoffs are fine. They just don't need to be pushed to be included in the main series.

I think having a variety of games testing things is fine but if someone tries to say they should replace the main series they are just wrong. The entire rng part of chasing pokemon in grass that you can't see is part of the experience. Not having control over what you encounter going in and so on, you lose that when you can see what you're about to fight beforehand and can prepare.

User Info: JimboVahoobo79

1 week ago#4
It was Inconsistent to timeline of the main series of Pokémon.
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User Info: MDS2005

1 week ago#5
The literal single thing the real Pokemon games should take away from those is replacing random encounters with actual Pokemon visible in the wild.
Or whatever.
LGPE was a lazy rehash sold for 60 dollars.

It offered nothing new or interesting, and is a complete downgrade from all 3 other remakes.
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User Info: firedoom666

1 week ago#7
The only good thing LGPE did was let pokemon follow you

Keep that one feature, and put the rest of the game in the trash
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User Info: SeahorseCpt89

1 week ago#8
JimboVahoobo79 posted...
It was Inconsistent to timeline of the main series of Pokémon.

It wasn’t supposed to be. It’s an alternate timeline where Red and Blue already had their Pokémon journey, but didn’t do any of the big stuff yet like defeating Giovanni or catching Mewtwo. This alternate dimension stuff was kind of introduced in Alpha Sapphire/Omega Ruby and they’ve been running with it since.
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User Info: McKnightrider

1 week ago#9
Lesbian, gay and pedophile but I don't know what the E stands for. What does that have to do with pokemon?

User Info: deathwave21

1 week ago#10
I think it was necessary to remake yellow for the switch. I thought the game was fine and a lot of fun. Could it have had a lot more? Sure. But that wasn't the point of the game. The point was to get an HD game out and what better way than to use the most simplest game in the series. GF was working on Sw/Sh at the same time they were developing LGPE. It wouldn't have made sense to delay either game. I don't think it was necessary to charge $60 or make 2 games, but they are a corporation in an industry, so of course it's in their best interest to maximize profits
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