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User Info: Daymos256

1 year ago#1
I decided to take a break from Pokemon and start Baldurs gate 1 and holy crap I'm hooked! At first I found it difficult to learn and not pleasing to look at, but once I did the tutorial and formed a full party I immediately started over with better choices and fell in love with the game. There's just so much story/lore, great character interactions, fantastic world building, heavy challenge that seems worth while. I find it looks terrible on tv, but decent in handheld mode. The zoom in feature is handy sometimes to see the map or zoom in on cutscenes.. text is readable if you increase the size in the options menu.

I figured I'd buy this game for a little nostalgia and quickly drop it (I played it years ago.. like 20 years) but it's honestly got more to it than most modern games. I don't want to do anything in life besides play this for hours and hours.
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User Info: JVillJags

1 year ago#2
I actually think the sprites aged pretty well so the graphics are meh for me. The music and voice acting is awful though. I love D&D and feel the this gane uses the rules well. I'm really enjoying it to. It certainly doesn't hold your hand. I'm in the last chapter and I accidently finished a side quest from a few chapters ago since I forgot about and has no idea where to go for it. I like learning and figuring this game out on my own. I skipped all the tutorials. Very punishing for my sorcerer early on, but I got it.
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