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User Info: Braveorc

1 year ago#1
Sometime when I save, my game crash.

And last time it did, my save file totally disappeared

At least I had many different file so I only lost 15 min of game play.

But I hope they are working on a patch to fix this.

Does it happen for you to guys?

User Info: dvdjedi

1 year ago#2
Happens to me a lot. Not just when I save but sometimes when I change zones or teleport or sometimes for no apparent reason at all. Very frustrating.
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User Info: jw91

1 year ago#3
Very surprised to hear this. I’ve been playing for about 40 hours and haven’t had any issues whatsoever with either BG or Icewind Dale.

I’m playing the digital versions on a common Switch and haven’t exported anything yet, if you’re wondering.
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