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User Info: Scontig

1 year ago#1
Did you choose the Red Mail or the Blue Mail? - Results (166 votes)
Red Mail
55.42% (92 votes)
Blue Mail
44.58% (74 votes)
This poll is now closed.
I chose the Blue Mail because the Koholint Sword gave me extra attack so it made sense to boost my defence.

Plus -- on a purely shallow level -- I prefer blue as a colour!

User Info: darkness1018

1 year ago#2
I went with the blue one as well.
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User Info: lostn

1 year ago#3
I noticed that getting the acorn to halve damage taken has no effect when you have blue mail. I'm guessing it's capped?

So I would assume if you get the red acorn to double your damage, it has no effect with red mail.

I went with blue because it effectively doubles your heart containers. Red will help you kill bosses a minute quicker but everything else dies in mostly one hit anyway once you have the upgraded sword.

It's really hard to die with blue mail. Suiciding myself in order to use up the lotion so i can collect a new one took ages.

User Info: Scontig

1 year ago#4
Yeah, I don't think the acorns stack with the mail.

I'm not even sure if the Koholint Sword stacks with the Red Mail. Even if it does, it's kinda pointless considering you can one-shot most enemies.

User Info: Mithrandirkun

1 year ago#5
I chose red mail for the quick killing.
But if you go for the secret ending i recomend blue mail.
The acorns does not stack with the mail.

User Info: TheMindGamer

1 year ago#6
Scontig posted...
I'm not even sure if the Koholint Sword stacks with the Red Mail. Even if it does, it's kinda pointless considering you can one-shot most enemies.

It does. I remember testing it on Ghinis. I think they go from taking four slashes to taking three when you stack them. The fact that it stacked was the only reason I stuck with the red mail (along with wanting to keep hero mode somewhat challenging, I guess).

User Info: Bijutsu_Sensei

1 year ago#7
Red on Normal mode. Blue on Hero mode.
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User Info: rpggamer29

1 year ago#8
Blue. The attack boost is nice but it pushing enemies across the screen is not. Plus theres the lv2 sword.

Although it's quite a pain to die on purpose when you need to get the potion from a treasure chest when you have the blue.

User Info: bcornelia

1 year ago#9
The red mail lets you one-shot many enemies very early on, so I stuck with that. Even when I was playing a three-heart run in hero mode I still didn't want to give up that attack boost, so I wore the red mail up until getting the koholint sword.
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User Info: Scontig

1 year ago#10
I like how easy it is to go back and change it anyway. I originally thought it'd be a one time decision.
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