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  3. Which Oracle game is better? Ages or Seasons?

User Info: Haseo8

1 month ago#41
I’ve always preferred ages.
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User Info: 9999_damage

1 month ago#42
It's been so very long since I played so I don't recall that much really. I know I preferred Ages back then but I can't say for if that is still the case if I replay them now.

Though I am with the camp that they are halves of a one game.
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User Info: bcornelia

1 month ago#43
I'm replaying Seasons right now and this feels like the blandest first dungeon in any zelda game.
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User Info: Hirokey123

1 month ago#44
bcornelia posted...
I'm replaying Seasons right now and this feels like the blandest first dungeon in any zelda game.

It's over so quickly I'm not sure that's really an issue since it does a good job introducing a new player to the fundamentals of the dungeon mechanics giving you a little bit of everything. This one is also before you get any of the new items to play around with so it's the closest to being a 1:1 remake of Dungeon 1 from the original LoZ which is why it's a bit more base. Even it's map is super similar more so than the others because again no new unique items in this place to let them create more varied level design around.



Seasons has some pretty memorable dungeons post that. I think Sword and Shield, Ancient Ruins, and Unicorn's Cave stand out in my mind immediately.
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User Info: Ender68

1 month ago#45
I've always liked Seasons more, because the game is a lot harder in terms of combat.

I like playing Ages second, because the Ganon fight is a lot harder. Main reason is you don't have the Roc's Cape, which makes avoiding him WAY harder.
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User Info: Zeldameister

1 month ago#46
Seasons no Contest! I like Holodrum a lot more than Labrynna and the Dungeons as well as the combat is a lot better.
Ages has a lot of annoying puzzles, especially the island where you have to trade tons of stuff to get your items back.
Plus Ages had the worst Minigames ever with this s***ty Goron Dance and Jabu Jabu is one of the worst Dungeons ever.
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User Info: Xfma100

1 month ago#47
I prefer Ages, but...

The_Ninjadillo posted...
I love both games but Ages gets exhausting to play after awhile, especially with how long it takes to switch back and forth between time periods and the things you have to do to get into some of the dungeons.

This is true. Other Zelda games suffer from this issue too though. (OoT had the Ocarina and Iron Boots, WW had the wind changing, SS had the harp, TP had transforming into Wolf Link, MM had mask changing, etc.)
The series can be pretty bad about relying on a mechanic too much and forcing you to keep using the same few items/forms to progress.

User Info: Sega9599

1 month ago#48
The problem with Ages, is that it promised so much more.

I expected a lot more time hopping shenanigans, a lot more story with Ralph......and instead we never got that much. Plus the music is better in seasons.

Also, a lot of the map is blocked off from both full past/present exploration. Unlike seasons which has only a few areas unreachable by different seasons.

It's not bad.....but not amazing.
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User Info: FlyinTonite

1 month ago#49
Seasons by a small margin. I think Ages had better dungeons but Seasons had a more enjoyable world to explore and got the better items.
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User Info: guesswho33

1 month ago#50
bidas100 posted...
Ages had more "filler" in-between dungeons, but that's not a bad thing unless you have the mindset that the dungeons are the only things that matter. I thought it was cool that you had to get back all your items when you arrived at Crescent Island.

dungeons "are" all that matter, really.
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  3. Which Oracle game is better? Ages or Seasons?
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