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User Info: Naveen93

3 weeks ago#1
I just finished the game yesterday. One of my main complaints was a lack of progression. I liked the ideas of leveling up legions and giving them more abilities, but wished there was a way to upgrade my own weapons and give myself more skills other than just mashing the attack button and timing it with legion calls.

Then in the beginning of File 11 in Hal’s base there was a NPC that allowed me to do just this. Buy upgrades that adds base stats to your baton and gives you other skills to use.

Then after beating the game I’ve read people on here refer to the game opening up once you get baton upgrades... which lead me to believe that I’m a damn fool and could have been upgrading my baton way earlier...

Can anyone confirm my stupidity, and if so where specifically did I need to go early in the game to upgrade my baton?
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Started 1/27/2011

User Info: IfOnlyForOnce

3 weeks ago#2
The game doesn't allow you to progress in File 3 without going through a tutorial on how (and where) to upgrade your equipment.


This room is available every single time you're in HQ for the rest of the game
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User Info: BakonBitz

3 weeks ago#3
Yeah, you could've been upgrading your baton at HQ since File 03. Remember the part where Lappy takes you on a tour through HQ and forces an upgrade so you can get the Gladius mode? Yeah, it's there.
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