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User Info: LegoIsAwesome

1 month ago#1
Which is a better game in terms of story, length, and gameplay?

Asking so I know what to buy, been thinking about it for a week and still can't decide which one
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User Info: Bloodshed113094

1 month ago#2
Haven't heard of Oninaki, but considering SE track record lately and the pretty mediocre scores, I'd say Astral Chain is the obvious choice as long as you like Platinum Games.
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User Info: Lukathegreat

1 month ago#3
AFAIK Oninaki ended up mediocre at best, go with this one instead.

User Info: -FSL

1 month ago#4
Oninaki has a demo you can try out, so check that out first.
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User Info: Katon

1 month ago#5
Astral Chain, no question. Oninaki is okay, but Astral Chain is far better.
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User Info: Enaikei

1 month ago#6
This game must be experienced in my opinion. Definitively recommending Astral Chain any day.
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