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  3. What tweaks would you make to this game?

User Info: Luna_the_wolf

3 weeks ago#11
If I were to make all the improvements I think are needed to make this game even passable, it would end up being a completely different game.

User Info: -FSL

3 weeks ago#12
Option to make Bow Legion's shot always use trigger instead of the attack button if you use an alternate control scheme (whatever isn't dodge).

+1 to changing the target switch system or making a "flick" less sensitive.

+1 to toggle for motion controls

Allow player to pet wild dogs

Let player play with beast

More cutscenes interacting with Beast and Arm Legion

Can see the matter on Legions when they need maintenance normally

Make maintenance not take as long / Unlock quick maintenance that insta-cleans all of them in a satisfying manner.

Actually make full maintenance give the Legion a bonus.
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User Info: Jutopero

3 weeks ago#13
Allowing you to customize your twin in the same manner you can customize yourself.
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User Info: OracleGunner

3 weeks ago#14
Fully customizable controls.
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User Info: -FSL

3 weeks ago#15
OracleGunner posted...
Fully customizable controls.
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/gothwood9

User Info: LonelyGoomba

3 weeks ago#16
Without overhauling the entire game. Some changes I'd like:

1) make some customisation options easier to unlock. I swear on your first play through you're barely gonna unlock any. Not till post game you'll start getting a lot of them. Seems kinda wasted.

2) have more enemies be defeated by using the legions abilities. I feel like outside of a few instances you never really have to use your legions unique abilities in battle much. Final boss did it well. But I think having to switch legions to defeat certain enemies n such would have helped add some variety to battles.
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User Info: Duey

3 weeks ago#17
I wanna walk when riding the doggo legion

Also an actual moveset when you're riding it.

User Info: Raeng

3 weeks ago#18
One thing I'd really want now is that during File 12:

- you don't have to skip all those cutscenes constantly, just remove them;
- you spawn back in the Command Center after a completed mission, not on the helipad.

First few times it is fine, but after 30 missions, with 41 more to go, it gets annoying.
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User Info: zipzo6

3 weeks ago#19
Ability sorting was a huge miss. There's a couple options clicking the right stick but you lack a way to sort out abilities based on their "+" affixed and that is absolutely crucial. You can reduce the slot cost of Omega from 3 to 1 by using it as a + on a 1 slot ability. Not being able to sort abilities out based on their + qualities is a massive oversight for a game that has us wanting to try out all sorts of different builds.

User Info: Akuma_Kinomoto

3 weeks ago#20
Actual moveset while reading Beast. More responsive turning

Element customization

Custom controls

Height, weight, and bust sliders

Long hairstyles

Option to color each eye separately

Change Legion colors independently of one another

Able to see Legion corruption for maintenance without the Legatus Terminal

Fusion lasts longer, hits harder, or builds faster; all it serves to do atm is finishing off a boss instead of serving as an equalizer

Alter enemy roars to have tells instead of happening nearly instantly

That's everything at the top of my head
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