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User Info: ReddShope

3 weeks ago#1
I've been thinking about this, and I think there are a few things I'd like.

1. More of a main hub with access to areas like Harmony Square between files, with the ability to "go back in time" kind of like we can currently.

2. Ability to save mid-level, and on that note I would like it if I had the ability to replay a red mission immediately upon getting a grade instead of having to go through the level again.

3. I'd like some way to activate at least the hit rush skill from your legions while a combo is ongoing. Maybe on the Legion menu when you hover over a legion you can press ZL or ZR to use a skill, or maybe that only works for hit rush. My biggest issue with hit rush is I often want it out when I'm in the middle of an extended combo--like when I'm doing the full sync attack chain with the sword after binding the enemy that lets us wail on the enemy.

I'm sure I have more, but these are off the top of my head.
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User Info: Enaikei

3 weeks ago#2
A height slider for the mc.
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User Info: Crystal_Dream

3 weeks ago#3
I'd say some reasonable requests would be:

More customization in general (DLC even).
Allowing the second twin to be customized (not as DLC).
Allowing us to replay fights for better ranks without replaying the File.
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User Info: Raeng

3 weeks ago#4
I'd probably add a sixth legion with a focus on damage-over-time effects like fire and ice.

Add the option to only invert the x-axis of the camera without inverting the aiming controls.

Let items play into synch attacks too, for instance throwing a grenade can get a special synch with the Arm legion.

Have the camera be fixed like God of War 1, allowing players to always controle the Legions with the right stick.

Retweak some of the abilities, most of the 'uniques' are far too powerful compared to some of the others. Perhaps giving 3-4 slots of skills to use would've already fixed this.

Add an option "skip watched cutscenes automatically Yes/No" in the menu.

Don't let skill-activations require an 'move' of your character.

Completely remove the letter-grade, the pointsystem is fine. The grade adds nothing except the culling players to a singular playstyle.

I would have liked the Fusion to have been done slightly better.
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User Info: ZeroX91

3 weeks ago#5
Since we effectively end up with three factions by the end the ability to side with your choice of one....not that that is a tweak but you get me.
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User Info: ViolentAbacus

3 weeks ago#6
Better camera, sometimes it was a bit wonky
a change on how the targetting worked, since it was a flick motion, sometimes it would change when I was positioning my camera, and other times it wouldn't change the target at all.

User Info: ZeroX91

3 weeks ago#7
Make the sword legion the defense oriented one give it a sheild too. Make axe charge focused, make arm the attack focused one....again not really small tweaks though.
Waving the flag is fun.

User Info: SpaghettiNoodle

3 weeks ago#8
ViolentAbacus posted...
Better camera, sometimes it was a bit wonky
a change on how the targetting worked, since it was a flick motion, sometimes it would change when I was positioning my camera, and other times it wouldn't change the target at all.

Omg this
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User Info: SpaghettiNoodle

3 weeks ago#9
I'll add a few.

1. Make pulling out the camera freeze time. Every new fight I encountered was annoying af trying to get a picture off of a new enemy while it's trying to combo you, even when immediately trying to take a shot at the start of battle.

2. Beast legion turning when riding on it should be way more responsive.

3. Some flying enemies hover over empty holes and don't move at all from that location in the astral plain so air combos usually end with you falling into a pit.

4.less formulaic missions where you progress in the same fashion almost every mission.

5.more Kyle

6.the targeting switching targets unintentionally because it's mapped to the free camera that someone already mentioned.

7. I liked the item sync attack idea someone mentioned

8.definitely add a retry feature to red files especially mini games as someone mentioned

9.sometimes there is a big fat delay when using the x button mode for legions so you press it twice to make it work thinking it didn't activate the first time you pressed it when it actually did which ends up canceling the mode and leaving you exposed while you're trying to make it work. It could be more fluid and intuitive.

10. More diverse on rail moments like the motor bike sections cause I think they're fun and would've liked to play a few more of those types of quick stages with more variety.
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User Info: Tipsentech

3 weeks ago#10
Element system for the player, I don't think this needs a new Legion just make it a buff mode for the current ones. Dog/ice, Axe/fire, Arm/gel, Arrow/lightning, Sword/poison. More buffs in general like range buffs and gravity buffs to make hits stagger more.

More Legion synergy. Arm could pick up and throw crash bombs, Arrow and Sword could detonate them sooner for a bonus. Round sword could apply to any Legion. That sort of thing. Arm throwing stunned enemies at each other too.

Collisions. Launching enemies into each other, against walls, into fires and off edges for stun and damage.

Rudimentary juggle system. No more people standing up mid air and dodging. Just have a very heavy juggle gravity so I'm not punished for following up on an airborne enemy and have a clear visual indicator for when it's no longer safe to attack an enemy. Would give Dog and heat chain more of a purpose.

Controls. No conflict between Legion attack and player attack, I should be able to do both without worrying about rope pulling. Better camera, don't need it to ever follow my Legion.

Sub-Legions. Player weapon be Legion influenced, still up down and potentially left right too. Sub-Legion summonable too with specific motions or a super mode with one Legion per stick.

Skills cost energy.

I'd kill for a sequel to this that added any of that, particularly collisions, elements and a very basic juggle.
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