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  3. This game has lot less action than the typical Platinum games

User Info: Hirokey123

1 month ago#1
But you know what I don't mind that at all, I like how meaty and varied astral chain is. The investigation sequences, the exploration (some platinum games have it but not typically to this extent) mixed with actual varied styles of platforming, the puzzles, the sheer number of side quests, the hub and just a ton of NPCs you can talk to, and the general much more heavy RPG focus. It's pacing/balancing of all these is not perfect but I really want to see more fully fledged games likes this from Platinum. I enjoy a mostly pure platinum action experience as the next person but I like just how much this game has to do and it's this kind of experience I think that helps give Astral Chain an identity the separates it from Platinum's other works.

If this game gets a sequel I'd love to see a lot of this stuff expanded on, though less astral plane the astral plane is kinda too same-y I think.
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User Info: TiamatNM

1 month ago#2
The lack of action is my main complaint with the game. The other stuff is not that engaging. Platforming is unpleasant.

User Info: Gen2000

1 month ago#3
There is a whole post-game section that pretty much straight forward pure Platinum action.

I actually think it's neat how they tried to be more expansive in this game's main campaign while still deliver good action when it's time to do so.

Some of these ideas in the main campaign are things I think they wanted to do in some past games but didn't have the time/budget/or didn't for some other reason (i.e. MGR was actually a rushed game despite being awesome stil but they wanted to do more with it, they wanted to implement a dog companion in Vanquish, etc).
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User Info: WebsandWigs

1 month ago#4
TiamatNM posted...
The lack of action is my main complaint with the game. The other stuff is not that engaging. Platforming is unpleasant.

Agreed. Im fine with all the other stuff, but we defintely need more combat, which is where the game shines

User Info: Triforceformer

1 month ago#5
This is a game screaming out for a sequel that irons out the bad stuff they weren't used to making in a Platinum Games game. The platforming was tedious and buggy (It reminds me of how in the Crash Remastered games, Crash has a pill-shaped hurtbox that makes him slip off edges when he never would in the old games).

The investigation stuff is just there to set the mood, which I appreciate and it encourages you to explore the world a bit more, but it doesn't actually change anything or get you anything useful or important.

The Stances for all but the Arms Legion f***ing suck balls. Sword Stance controls like ass and feels like a not-fun version of Zendatsu from Metal Gear Rising (That game just needed you to line up the squares irrespective of the model I think, while AC needs you to line up the model?). Arrow Stance controls like ass because they tacked on gyro controls for fine aiming but it just doesn't work. Beast Stance is way too slippery to use in any area that actually needs you to turn around or move with finesse, so its role as "Upgraded sprint" doesn't function. And Axe Stance I couldn't figure out at all, someone tell me what use it has besides arbitrary environmental "puzzles." I did not use any of those 4 more than I absolutely needed to. Arm Stance is f***ing baller though I love it.

Like there was a very good reason they didn't bother with any Sword or Arrow puzzles in the later part of the game and just used Arm's grab ability and Axe's detonate. Those two actually control pretty well and are easy to work with.

God this game needs a sequel, I see much about it that just needed some more polish/thought put into it and it would all coalesce into an instant classic.
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User Info: Raeng

1 month ago#6
Finish the game. After you complete it the game basically shows its real colours. Which honestly, might be pretty smart. Fans of games like this always go for replays anyway, and that's where the action is in this case. Let the casual Switch players enjoy their story with some Legion derping on PT Casual or Unchained, and others enjoy combat mastery on replays.

On repeat playthroughs nearly all the platforming and RPG elements go away and it is basically fightfightfightfight. Delicious!
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User Info: Luna_the_wolf

1 month ago#7
I agree but I DO mind it. Maybe if this was some other company... but... Platinum damn it...

There is one thing they do really well and that is action. This game would have been so much better if they had just stuck to their strengths, and left the side quest laden, pseudo story mumbo jumbo bullcrap to devs like Kojima-san.

User Info: TiamatNM

1 month ago#8
As others mentioned the postgame chapter is just lots of fights and I love it. The main story is bloated with too much random nonsense but man the fighting is amazing.

User Info: Bal_Sett

4 weeks ago#9
I liked pretty much everything about this game. The combat, rpg elements, quests, puzzles and platforming were all really well done. It is rare these days for Games to incorporate so much. Sure it got frustrating at times but I feel like if you don't go through some of that in a game then it didn't do its job.

@Triforceformer The only legion stance that was odd was Sword. Bow you can turn off gyro and it is pretty powerful if you slow down time and head shot. Wolf gets you around places faster and is especially useful for enemies that shoot out lots of stuff. I wouldn't use it for platforming though. Axe is great for blocking projectiles and melee attacks and can setup detonation.

I found a use for every legion, it's all about experimenting.
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User Info: Darth_Kamcio

4 weeks ago#10
Triforceformer posted...
Crash has a pill-shaped hurtbox

You might be looking for the word "collider".
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