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  3. Should i get a Pro controller for this game?

User Info: rrojas_1926

1 week ago#1
Using my switch thingy with joycons to play the game, so far i have just unlocked my 2nd legion and some times i feel that the controller is going to break, is perfect for Rpgs. So what do you guys think? I try my hardest to not buy unnecesary accesories to my consoles.

User Info: mikedarrow1

1 week ago#2
I had a pro controller with my first switch (long story) and it is awesome. I'm using my joycons now to play and I've thought about getting a pro controller again for sure, probably will tomorrow actually haha. But yeah, using the joycons hurt my hands after awhile and I cant play with them separately, it just feels weird, especially with this game.
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User Info: Wynvkius

1 week ago#3
I prefer to play these kinds of games with an actual controller it’s up to you whether you wanna spend the money.

User Info: WrathSairou

6 days ago#4
I use my pro controller for every game unless I'm playing handheld. It feels great.
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  3. Should i get a Pro controller for this game?
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