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User Info: Lyrica

1 week ago#1
That damn traffic puzzle, especially the 3rd one. Omg.

User Info: finalstan

1 week ago#2
Couple of minutes tops. Well, that's a lie actually, I took a bit of time before the dialogue finished to plan in my head some of the initial moves but always by trying to start backwards. The third puzzle I solved by counting the boxes available and how much space each cars take to realise that there wouldn't be any free space to spare. You then know to leave the bottom left car untouched and finish with the bus by slotting it on the left because just by looking at all the other cars and how they are positioned (since you cannot turn them, just move) you know you cannot slot the bus anywhere on the right. You then take it from there.

User Info: JustWatch

1 week ago#3
Beat it on the first try.

Got hit a couple times though
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User Info: Salocool

1 week ago#4
I immediately checked the solution online because I was sick of this kind of puzzle (especially the SLOOOOOW movement of the Legion) after I completed the 2nd challenge.
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User Info: dascylus

1 week ago#5
Just know the S+ requirements are SUPER forgiving for those red cases... I've seen people take 10 minutes on the second and third ones while still getting S+

User Info: Brontide

1 week ago#6
Something like 30minutes but i used a sheet and a pencil. I always do that for ig puzzle and it always works better.
I’ll be honest. The first two I did in a couple minutes. The third one just completely broke me for some reason and it took me an hour.

And I want more. I would pay twenty dollars for a spin-off of just traffic puzzles.
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User Info: LonelyGoomba

1 week ago#8
Yeah third one probs took a total of 20-30 minutes.
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User Info: GorillaGD

1 week ago#9
To several tries but I managed to do it and get an S+

User Info: Lukathegreat

1 week ago#10
Tried for like 30 mins one day, got frustrated and quit. Next day I solved it first try.
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  3. Be honest.. how long did it take you to beat-
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