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  3. Which game is better, Astral Chain or DMC 5?

User Info: FunWithAFryPan

1 month ago#11
I love DMC5 but Astral Chain edges it out by just a bit for me.
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User Info: PlentyRAM

1 month ago#13
I'd say wait for Bay 3 for the real comparison. Astral Chain isn't trying to be that type of game.

User Info: FerozElMejor

1 month ago#14

User Info: Caramelon

1 month ago#15

User Info: RichterB17

1 month ago#16
I'm going to say Devil May Cry 5, but I do believe that Astral Chain kind of took the concept of V's combat and did it extremely better. I really like Astral Chain so far though, and I like how easy they made going back to old levels very frustration free. You can go straight to the action segments right away if you want or explore the slower parts to find hidden items and quests; I was skeptical but Platinum did good.
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DMC5, easily.
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DMC5, but that does not mean Astral chain is bad.
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EvilScythe posted...
Honestly, I thought DMC 5 sucked. V was horrible.. the level design was bland, music was good but thats about it for me. Also yeah,, story kinda sucked.

I felt that way too. I got over halfway and stopped playing. This game is more fun to play imo
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User Info: Luna_the_wolf

1 month ago#20
I can't really say. I actually own DMC5 digitally but I haven't been able to bring myself to even start it. While I am about halfway through Astral Chain and enjoying every bit of it immensely.
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