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User Info: Madness2012

6 months ago#1
Love 2D games like these, if it's decent i will give it a go.

User Info: Warhawk

6 months ago#2
I'd say it's enjoyable. My only complaint that I've noticed was that when breaking certain vases that the items that you get went through to the other side or where I couldn't get to them.
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User Info: J-Fly

6 months ago#3
It has a weird pace to it where some levels are difficult followed by very easy ones. I'm seriously scratching my head at some of the level designs.
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User Info: thenewjersey

4 months ago#4
I like the levels. The controls are unforgivable, and alone make a decent game 1/5. You can't customize the controls and O is jump and X is attack, [] is also attack.... and triangle is throw a weapon. X should obviously be jump. But there's no way to change it, so half the time you try to jump over something, you swing your weapon instead and get hit.

I was enjoying the game, but this became such a bother, i deleted it after about a half hour of playing it.
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  3. Any chance this is good?
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