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  3. How well do EE companions interact with old ones?

User Info: Sir Cyrus

Sir Cyrus
7 months ago#21
In the more recent books by Salvatore, there's a bunch of drow who, arguably, are drifting more towards the chaotic neutral side. They're more connected to their Chaotic part than their Evil part. There's a big deal on how there might be an upcoming change in drow nature, mostly concerning the drow matriarchy.
The true knight would save the virgin from being sacrificed.
The true adventurer would ensure that she could never be a virgin sacrifice again.

User Info: Strelok

7 months ago#22
red255 posted...
Strelok is destined for the wall of the faithless it seems

Nah, that is just for those who disbelieve in the gods.
Let's face it, the Forgotten Realms have more than enough evidence for gods being present, like literally walking the earth, and all that.
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User Info: Ruppe21

3 months ago#23
Theysaidit posted...
Ya I think literally only one of the good people can be in a group with Hexxat and that is Minsc

That's not true, she's compatible with nearly everyone.

User Info: LaManoNeraII

3 months ago#24
Paladins have to “purge” vampires, they’re undead,

Korgan isn’t undead so the two Paladins don’t immediately have any reason to fight him. IIRC Keldorn even respects certain aspects of Korgan. If he were slaughtering a village or a church or something, ya they’d take him down. But Korgan isn’t THAT evil...I think? I mean if you paid him to do it he probably would but I don’t think he’d get any sadistic pleasure from it. And actually Korgan kind of lightens up by the expansion, he no longer conflicts with Aerie and starts to respect her when she finally stands up for herself against him.
(edited 3 months ago)
You also have to consider that one of viconia's idle lines is something along the lines of "look at all those filthy rivvin, swarming around like rats"

Which shows her obvious contempt for those who are not drow. In this case humans.

There's also the fact that if you were romancing her, keldorn would be witnessing her constantly playing mind games with you.

Then you factor in that Keldorn is an old soldier who has witnessed many of hia comrades get killed defending against drow incursions.

I'd say his behaviour is perfectly understandable. He's trying to protect his liege against the corrupting influence of what he would have deemed potentially a drow spy.
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  3. How well do EE companions interact with old ones?
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