Multi or Dual Fighter/Thief?

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User Info: red255

3 months ago#21
yeah in a party, I didn't notice much problems with dualing a kensai to theif.

I just dropped my party thief and picked up a party tank and balance was restored for the duration.

apparently level 39 thief is 6,380,000 and thief 40 is 8 million. so you could spend as much as 1620000 on fighter or fighter 13

and still reach theif 39.

this would give you 8 prof points as a fighter.
4? prof points as a thief (which can only be spent to one pip and only on theif weapons)
and 6 prof points as a fighter/thief.

which actually seems ideal to me for a solo.

I didn't do it because A kensai 12/thief 39 was strong enough for a 6 man party with core difficulty.

and has less downtime. ended up with like 147 lore.

went with grandmaster longswords, grandmaster scimitars/etc.

andgurval and scarlet ninja to.

did the EE companion quests. was a monster. theres a hat you get in ToB on Rassad's quest that gives 1 cast of righteous magic per day, to kick you up to 25 strength for 1 turn.

if you want to backstab with 25 strength. you could take a cleric ring from a level 25 cleric and andurval to have 23 strength just chilling.

but yeah, craft potions of speed. wear gauntlets of extraordinary weapon specialization 10 attacks per round. have 6 spike traps for things, regular traps for other things.

its a beast.
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  3. Multi or Dual Fighter/Thief?

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