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User Info: mikel123456

6 years ago#11
Sorceror could get Imprisonment I think, yes. Also, what about Maze? I think Ribald sells those post-Spellhold.

You should be able to kill the assassin with a few improved-hasted characters before she runs off (into Kangaxx's building, actually). If not, you can always surround her with 3 characters (plus the wall she's next to) and take your time killing her.

Dropping the bird in the hell of the sphere is fantastic. Alternatively, perhaps after you kill the demon for the gnomes in the Underdark, drop the bird in there before you seal it up. Or actually, better yet, in the final seal of Watcher's Keep. Seal the bid up with Demogorgon. That perhaps is the worst fate possible: letting Demogorgon talk in her brain for the rest of eternity.

User Info: Myrmuzduur

6 years ago#12
Damn, sealing her up with Demogorgon is an even better idea. I already dropped her off in the sphere area, though.

I'll try Maze. I've done most if not all of the sidequests, everyone is around 1.5m xp, I've sided with Bodhi and will be in position to get the spell soon enough.

Also, without spoilers, can you guys tell me how f*cked I am re: Demogorgon? I never did watchers keep before, but this time through I have Ascension installed with the improved Demogorgon.

I know nothing about his encounter -and I don't want to- but I have a feeling he's going to hand me my ass.

User Info: mikel123456

6 years ago#13
What is your party composed of?

Demogorgon is pretty tough, yes. I think I remember the Ascension version, and I believe it scales based on your difficulty level. Core and above is difficult, and if you've not seen it before, you probably are in a bit of trouble. But by the time you get there, everyone should be into HLA territory, given it sounds like you've done a lot of SoA and presumably will have done all of Watcher's Keep.

Ideally you probably want two arcane mages, one cleric, and three fighter types. The further your party deviates from that, the more trouble you're in. So if you're doing some kind of druids-and-monks-only party, you're dead meat.

User Info: Myrmuzduur

6 years ago#14
I'm on Core difficulty. I have a lot of tweakpack stuff too, but I honestly can't remember what I told it to install.

I have:

PC - F/M/T with kits (kensai/illusionist/assassin) 10/11/12
Korgan - lvl 15
Viconia - SKed to cleric/mage - 11/12
Aerie - 12/12
Yoshimo - 17
Edwin(a) - 12

They're all different levels cos I played around with some of the npcs whose quests I hadn't done yet, like Mazzy. I changed Viconia just to see how it was done. I might boot Aerie, with her constant whining. Vic can take her place.

I've found this to be a very strong party, but it levels very slowly. Twisted Rune gave me little problem. Though Kangaxx was unbeatable until I figured out spell immunity: abjuration. Daystar for some reason was the only weapon I had that would hurt him. First time I ever encountered either. Only Kangaxx required retrys.

My pc I'm not too sure about. I would have been better off with a mage/thief (illusionist/assassin), because the kensai part doesn't really give me anything beyond Kai (thac0 I think might be improved by the Assassin part anyway) and my levels remain low. It is very powerful and I can understand why people wouldn't like it, however.
Combinations like: Improved Invisibility + Celestial Fury + Poison + Draw Upon Holy Might + Kai + backstab are nice. When you come out of invisibility you can then be protected by buffs like blur, mirror image, stoneskin, fireshield, etc.
I will most likely never see x7 backstab, though. 2 420 000 x 3 = 7 260 000xp that I'll need before I see lvl 21 on my character's Assassin class. And I'm stuck with the robe of vecna as the best armour I can wear and no bracers.
It's powerful, but it has a lot of drawbacks too.
I just wanted an assassin type character who could cast spells and wield a katana. When I played Oblivion, years ago, I used to attack from invisibility with the spell Paralyze and then batter the enemy with some katana. I liked that style.

User Info: mikel123456

6 years ago#15
How much of Watcher's Keep do you have left?

I think you're pretty light on combat-capable fighters (I define those as characters who can have more than one base attack per round, i.e. fighters, rangers, paladins), and I think that will contribute to your biggest hardship. I'd want at least three characters being improved-hasted for a ton of attacks in this (and every) fight.

Thief traps can make up for a lot though, so if you use the high-level traps when you get there, you could be OK.

Aerie does seem superfluous in this party, so you could dump her and just run a 5-character party for some faster leveling. Or pick Mazzy back up in Aerie's place, because she's way more fun and will significantly increase your melee abilities.

User Info: Myrmuzduur

6 years ago#16
I'm around the middle of level 2 in Watchers Keep. But that's on hold now til I get Xzar mazed. I'm determined that one day I'm going to be looking at Xzar standing in the docks with his would-be assassin lying dead next to him.

One question: does Maze cause blue NPCs to go hostile? Feeblemind doesn't, because i got renal's boots that way. I have a feeling maze/imprisonment will make him hostile....
I'll try flesh to stone as well.

I might get Mazzy back.
Problem with her though is that while I was murdering the harpers at the docks I somehow aggro-ed some of the peons who hang around outside. And if Korgan 1-hits them with the AI turned on, that might mean Mazzy attacking her beau out of nowhere, as she apparently turns hostile if your rep goes too low. My rep usually hovers at about 5-10, cos I constantly bribe the priests. 1 dead bystander and Mazzy is a problem.

I don't find the loss of a 3rd fighter to be too bad, really though. My pc can act as one if the need arises and Korgan just rapes everything anyway.
I have the mages then casting malison/chaos/breach/lower resistance/magic missile/cloudkill wands/monster wands until whatever we're fighting is dead.
I need to sort out roles for the three of them properly. I have it in mind that Edwin is attack, Viconia is buff/debuff and Aerie is both. But at the moment I just lump them together into general purpose casters.

Monster wands are ridiculous, btw. When I was doing Aec'Letec in bg1 I must have summoned 50 fall guys at one point. It's so useful to have at will 3-6 expendables for the enemy to be distracted by.

Why is there only 1 pure thief in BG2? There were loads in bg1. I could really do with a neutral evil Safana.

User Info: Strelok

6 years ago#17
Mainly because it will make taking Yoshimo along so much more tempting and we all know what happens. Kind of an interesting move.
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User Info: atakdoug

6 years ago#18
If you resort to cheesy tactics, Demogorgon will be easy. In fact, you can make him trivially easy if you give it some thought. So don't do that.

Without traps, I agree that you're light on melee power for the Demo battle. It will probably depend on how well Korgan can stay alive under very heavy melee pressure; I forget what the THAC0s involved are, but let's say that if he can basically solo the melee-heavy rooms on the 3rd level of WK, he'll probably be OK for the Demo fight, and if not, then not. But frankly, another way of looking at it is if you get there, you can win it — the final seal is at least as difficult a battle.

User Info: Myrmuzduur

6 years ago#19
I did it!

Imprisonment was the answer. He has to be imprisoned a split second before the Harper spawns, just as he finishes casting the polymorph spell which causes her to spawn.

Here is the timing I managed to achieve. Edwina casts Imprisonment and just as the cage animation appears, I talk to Xzar:


And here is the dead Harper, minus Xzar who is imprisoned:


Here is Xzar, saved from ignominious instant-death, ALIVE AND STANDING ABOVE THE CORPSE OF HIS MURDERER, just like I said he would be:


That's all he'll say to me now as well. No more dialogue. Would have been nice if they'd snuck in something there but oh well.

Mission accomplished.

As an aside, I also killed the guy who turns up and tries to turn Edwin back into a man. Derganar or Degranar or something. Is (s)he stuck like that now, or does he manage to turn himself back?

User Info: HeyJoeSchmoe

6 years ago#20
Good efforts.
Not a fan of Xzar myself, but I dislike the harpers.

It is indeed a shame what happens to most of PC's previous companions.

Not even a mention of Shar'Teel?


I'd love to have her in my party when Edwin turns into a woman. Yes. That would've been delicious.
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