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User Info: RipRufus

1 year ago#1
I got through BG1 and SOD as a paladin, managed fairly well. But I’m getting WRECKED in BG2. I managed to do Nalia’s quest, it was a struggle. Now I’m in the Windspear Hills dungeon and I can’t do it. Even dropping from Core to lower isn’t helping.

User Info: John_Sinclair

1 year ago#2
In BG2 fighters (and paladins) seem to get weaker and weaker, because mages and other characters catch up in power.
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User Info: BlackJackCat

1 year ago#3
Buffs really help, stuff like Defensive Harmony, Haste, and Chant can tip the odds in your favor. It also really helps to get +3 and up weapons as soon as possible because quite a few side quests are nigh impossible to do without them,or some treasures are problematic to get, such as the Elven Court Bow in the Nalia's side quest; though that is eased by the fact that right beside it is a +3 axe, and by BG2 THAC0 shouldn't be severely impacted without proficiency, though less attacks per round is a negative.
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