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User Info: RipRufus

1 year ago#1
New player, on ps4. What’s the preferred method for healing early on? I’m in Chapter 3, running a main character Paladin (cavalier) with Imoen, Khalid, Jaheira, Minsc, and kivan.

User Info: Falthin

1 year ago#2
Jaheira healing spells
Rest until healed ( free )
Buy healing potions from temples or pick them up from loot.

Resting until healed also restores spells so I tend to do that all the time.
Spells / potions in battle or if I can't rest for some reason.

User Info: RipRufus

1 year ago#3
Ok. That’s pretty much what I’ve been doing, plus my Paladin has some healing ability. I’m debating adding a designated cleric (Branwen?). Wasn’t sure if I was missing another obvious healing option. Thanks!

User Info: Tanthalas

1 year ago#4
Adding another healer option helps, especially because Clerics can also provide buffs.

Your team has the weakness on being really low on magic though. Casters come in handy to help weaken/disable your enemies.
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