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User Info: Falthin

1 year ago#1
I've just finished BG1 and got teleported to S.O.D

Just after the opening dungeon I find out that I've lost 200,000 gold and half my team is unavailable until much later.

So I tried starting a new game with exported characters and the game ( either S.O.D or the whole game ) seems to be freaking out.
I have about 18 exported characters for one use or another.
Half the time Siege can't find any ( you have no exported characers ) uh huh ? and that includes the in game ones does it ?
I look at the characters menu and they are all available there.
I start a new game and try to import them and they are not available again.
I import them from a BG1 save and then export them from Siege so i know they've been available to siege.
Try to import them -- can't find them again.

But BG1 can.

Is there max of 6 characters I can have or something ?

I'm thinking I should maybe forget about siege and go straight to BG2 and see if that works any better.

User Info: z179z

1 year ago#2
I don't know about the character limits are. But I'm enjoying siege of the dragonspear I'm just about to beat it having a hard time fighting the final boss as u don't get that much prep time before fighting the boss. I'm trying to work a good strategy. But enjoyed the game.

User Info: Falthin

1 year ago#3
I'm giving it a go.

I sorted all the character stuff out in BG1 and then created a save and imported that into Siege.
It wouldn't let me import saved characters individually but importing the whole save seemed to work fine.

I had thought it was a shortish add on - but it sounds like a large campaign ( 25-30 hours ? ).
I played BG1, TOSC, BG2 and TOB years ago but I've never played this bit so I'm looking forward to it.
( now I have a storage chest full of goodies )

User Info: Falthin

1 year ago#4
Ok well I've just had one big bug happen.

In the temple of Bhaal map there are some crusader prisoners.
I've agreed to get the key and let them out in return for helping me join the crusade.
They are locked in with a special key - no other way out of the cages.

I attack a room full of cultists ( the guys who locked them up ) and suddenly two of the prisoners somehow teleport out of the cages and join the cultists and attack me. The cage doors are still locked and they asked for my help to kill the cultists !?!.

So that was good programming. Luckily I had a recent save.

User Info: SchwarzerFrost

1 year ago#5
I have a bug too, in the dwarf cave I can't get the last amulet.
Found one at a dead dwarf body, and 3 from the living dwarfs, the last one is supposed to be there too but not for me.

User Info: Falthin

1 year ago#6
You should be able to find one in a room with umber hulks and mutated crawlers in a room at the bottom of that 1st dig site map. On a corpse in the room.

Room 14 on this map

User Info: Falthin

1 year ago#7
Ok, so another bug.

Near the end and the demon thrix isn't asking me the riddle.
He tries to choose Minsc and the witch won't let him, so he tries to choose the witch and Minsc won't let him.
There is supposed to be an option to choose the main character but he just bugs out and summons demons and buggers off.
Missed out on a nice +3 weapon.
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