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User Info: ZelGreywards

12 years ago#1
Please! For the love of bunnies PLEASE play the NES version of this game if you intend to ever play this game!

The GBC version is a hacked up, half digested, regurgitated, spat on port of the original. The storyline was ripped to shreds, the awesome music was dumped in favor of compositions that make the music in Wizards and Warriors X: Fortress of Fear sound like Mozart's finest, and the last two bosses and dungeons have been ruined!

I LOVE the NES version of this game, but the GBC port was JUST AWFUL!
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User Info: mariostar224

12 years ago#2
This is what all thepeople who played this game on NES a long time ago say about this game. I'm sure the NES version probably is better, but for people who can't get ahold of that one, the GBC port is still a really fun and addictive game. Honestly, it hasn't been completely ruined, because I played it and loved it without knowing of the superiority of the NES version. So, get the NES classic if you can, but if it's this port or no Crystalis at all, do yourself a favor and get this because it's still fun.

By the way, what I'm really hoping for is that the NES game will be released on the Wii Virtual Console. Then I would get a chance to see if all these NES purists are right, and I'd finally get to play the classic version. That would seem to solve the problem.
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User Info: snakenamedjoe

12 years ago#3
Pirating is bad, and no one should ever do it, but on an old game like this where you just can't get it anymore...the ROM isn't that hard to come by.

Still, of course you should never consider doing that, because encouraging such illegalities could be a TOS violation, so I'd never encourage that.

But yeah, the GBC port was a huge disappointment. I too hope to see this game on Wii VC sometime soon.
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