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User Info: Torka

1 month ago#61
I've been watching OVW to see how Snow's running things. It's pretty interesting since some big names have been showing up. Crazy Steve, Crimson , Jax Dane, Abyss, Tommy Dreamer, and Shane Helms.
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User Info: Mr Eff

Mr Eff
4 weeks ago#62
Watched the Killer Khan/Terry Gordy Texas death match for the millionth time. One of my all time favorite brawls. This is what I want out of pro wrestling. Heat. Drama. Stakes. No fancy moves. No moves at all, really. They punch. They kick. They claw. They bleed. It’s glorious.

Screwy finish is really all that keeps it from being at the level of something like Magnum/Tully I-Quit.
Anything that bleeds, I can beat... - Arn Anderson

User Info: Mr Eff

Mr Eff
4 weeks ago#63
After watching that Aja Kong match Pat posted about, I've been mixing in some joshi with the other stuff I'm watching. It's not really been current stuff, though. Mostly more Aja Kong and LCO tags. I'd forgotten how friggin' great LCO was.

I'm not entirely unconvinced that the LCO vs. Watanabe/Maekawa cage match (AJW 3.4.90) isn't the best joshi match I've ever seen...
Anything that bleeds, I can beat... - Arn Anderson

User Info: sleepysausage

4 weeks ago#64
I'm going to catch up on AJPW tonight. I think I'm subscribed to too many streaming services and I don't know which ones to cancel.

Thinking ddt universe, it's not easy for me to watch on my tv (have to use ps4 browser), I'm trying but I can't really get into the ddt roster, I like Tokyo Joshi Pro but I could live without it, watching live never works for me.
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User Info: Dave Smithers

Dave Smithers
3 weeks ago#65
I'm not watching wrestling, but I did enjoy seeing the clip of Icarus being judo thrown by Ronda on raw. Shoulda whipped off his shirt and shown her the ink!
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User Info: Suborbion

3 weeks ago#66
Slex vs Will Ospreay from MCW 100 - ****, would be nice to see Slex booked more outside of Australia

User Info: DizzyTechno

3 weeks ago#67
Dave Smithers posted...
Shoulda whipped off his shirt and shown her the ink!

The heat Elias/Owens got in Seattle would be nothing compared to the heat that tattoo would get. The audience's faces would start melting off like that scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark.
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User Info: sleepysausage

3 weeks ago#68
OTT's 4th Anniversary Show is available to watch so I'll check that out tonight

User Info: Mr Eff

Mr Eff
3 weeks ago#69
I was looking forward to MJF vs. David Starr from the last CZW show. Allow me to save you the disappointment I felt by telling you to skip it! It's...fine, but both dudes seemed to be having an off night.
Anything that bleeds, I can beat... - Arn Anderson

User Info: Suborbion

3 weeks ago#70
MJF is s***e

Evie vs Kellyanne, Last Woman Standing, MCW Final Battle 2016 - ****1/4, f***in crazy match, maybe the best last man standing I've ever seen?