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User Info: Jack_Brisco

6 years ago#1
No more philanthropy stuff, custom boots or stories on how people don't think he looks jewish.

User Info: Byuusetsu

6 years ago#2
I wonder how much that guy donated to Wikipedia to keep his page up. Meanwhile the notability of WWE PPV events and UFC events has been seriously argued.

User Info: Psicofreak667

6 years ago#3
He didn't donate anything most likely. Wikipedia's weird, and one of the things they love to do there is bust down on people who donate.

What he did is he hired a publicist (maybe more than one) and that publicist was paid to keep his Wikipedia article expansive and glowing. But now the publicist has been caught using multiple accounts to edit, which is a huge no-no on Wikipedia, and he's being quiet to try and keep the administrators from punishing him. While he's being quiet people have been able to cut crap out of the Brimstone article without him arguing it back in.
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User Info: Hindred

6 years ago#4
I liked the long version better.

User Info: Unknown Nomad

Unknown Nomad
6 years ago#5
Sierra Hotel India Echo Lima Delta

User Info: fear_d_hotgun

6 years ago#6
Hindred posted...
I liked the long version better.
Navex posted...
Who the hell is Jada Pinkett? Sounds like a ****ing Star Wars character.

User Info: ma9

6 years ago#7
but.. but... he is a celebrity! HE WALKED ON A RED CARPET!
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User Info: Dave Smithers

Dave Smithers
6 years ago#8
Honestly, it's still way too long for what he is. I completely believe that he was paying someone to keep the page afloat though, which is also hilarious.
that was ****ing poetry!

User Info: BillCosbyIsButt

6 years ago#9
If you miss the greatness of his Wiki page, you can always go here, where he has pictures of himself with Lou Ferrigno, Mick Foley, and Ronald McDonald, among others.
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User Info: hellslinger

6 years ago#10
This man is amazing.
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  3. Brimstone's Wiki page is significantly smaller now.
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