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User Info: Sariel

3 months ago#1
The game reached the ripe old age of 20 on June 7th (its Japanese counterpart is 11 months older). Doesn't that make you feel ancient? It sure does me XD

I remember bingeing on this game for weeks on end. Making fanart and OCs. Writing stories with MirandaB and Melusine (though they rarely developed past the rough alpha stage). Collecting every collectible I could. And dear God all those joke posts. LoM was my life for roughly 7 years, in one form or another.

I know a few die-hards are still here. What can you remember of the first time you played?
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User Info: beatumdown

3 months ago#2
Great game and great series by Square.

Though RPGs are more advanced and better looking, the RPGs of the late 90s and early 2000s had a magic to them that can barely be replicated.

Its why I love playing old gems like this. :)
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User Info: Kantolin

3 months ago#3
I initially got Legend of Mana and Final Fantasy 9 at the same time, shortly after a move. My brother and I agreed to play LoM first as we weren't familiar with it and figured once we started FF9 we wouldn't pay attention to the silly game with the weird cover.

It was some months later that we /remembered/ that we had FF9, haha. Which I then did go on to enjoy, mind you, but Legend of Mana hooked us something fierce. I still love exploring the world.

Haven't played LoM in ages, though - no free time anymore. I should force a playthrough into my schedule somewhere...
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