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User Info: Taran_McDohl

5 months ago#31
My favorite game of all time and I just learned its on the ps3 psn store. Sooooooooo I am back on it!!!!
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User Info: renzokuken99

4 months ago#32
I have a save file on PS3, ready to go for No Future mode, I played it until burnout a couple years ago, but I made sure to get it ready...... now awaiting my No Future playthough, someday...

User Info: shakmstr

2 months ago#33
I remember playing this back around 2003. I don’t remember why I stopped but I’ve always wanted to pick it up again.

Thinking about playing it on the Vita.

User Info: Petite-Dryad

1 month ago#34
Ironically enough I actually started replaying it a couple of days ago, and I'm almost finished with the Drakonis Arc
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User Info: Calmlander

1 month ago#35
In every run I discover something new, after discovering how crazy the Star Metal is, I wonder why I bothered with other materials in the first place.

Also... is the big bad of the dragon arc the same big bad of the dragon arc of Trials of Mana?
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  3. Anyone still playing?
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