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  3. Who else has played since original release?

User Info: Papabear529

4 weeks ago#1
I am so pumped to be playing through this again. I started on Xbox 360 and have owned it countless times and sunk so many hours into it. Looking forward to recreating Dizrul and Prudence for those of you who have adventured with her before. Can't wait to see all the new pawns the switch brings. Feel free to add me and I'll do the same. I love using different pawns. FC: SW-1058-7322-4721

User Info: Yasukima

4 weeks ago#2
I rented (when those places where still around) the original on 360 a few months after release,
I honestly didn't enjoy it much then, I brought Dark Arisen 360 a bit after release to give it another try,
and loved it, spent many hours just loitering around Gransys.

My 360 doesn't run very well now, so I hadn't played any games on it for a long time,
finding out it was getting a PS4 release made me ecstatic, I made 5 PSN alts just for it.

Being able to play handheld now will be amazing, I'm still thinking about which pawn I'll make.
Sobble. Sobble. Sobble.

User Info: Gemma1

4 weeks ago#3
Played on PS3 from early days; had taken time off from my PS4 console to game on my PC and played it there. Loved being able to adjust lighting and whatnot. Heard it was back on PS4 and rushed back. I only had 1 alt on console since I’m busy with other things that revolve around the game, but was excited to hear I could play it on both big screen TV and handheld with the Switch.
My favorite part is that excitement you get when starting it up on a new platform.
It’s just such great fun and I have yet to find a fantasy game that gives this kind of combat.
PSN: Gemmalady/pawn: Barahir, Strider/lvl 200, PSN: Gemmalady2345/pawn: Kate, Ranger/lvl 200
Twitch: Starfirelady1

User Info: Jmanghan

4 weeks ago#4
I didn't own it when it first came out, however I did play it a bunch in 2015 before it was ever released on PC, Dark Arisen as well.

I bought the original Dogma, then Dark Arisen, both on PS3. Then I got it on PC, then PS4, and finally I'll be getting it on Switch.

At some point, someday, I wanna get copies for an Xbox 360 (when I get one), the original Dogma and Dark Arisen, then Dark Arisen on my Xbox One.

It's more a matter of collection (and if, god forbid, any of my system's break, I still have Dogma lying around on at least one of my many systems).
Dragon's Dogma Pawn: Zoth (Class: Fighter)
PSN: Ghj547.
(edited 4 weeks ago)

User Info: Papabear529

4 weeks ago#5
So glad to hear it's not just me that's obsessed. It's easily my second favorite game of all time (1st is ever quest frontiers for ps2, was my intro to mmos and blew my 12 year old mind... Played for years lol) I can't wait to get this game and start playing. I've gotten my kids into the game with the last release on ps4, can't wait to see what they do when they are set free on their own lmao. Look forward to using everyone's pawns and having hilarious adventures. Here's to all of us gamefaqs forum users reaching top 10 haha my best record was 4th place... That was on ps4 release. I'm referring to pawn popularity... Sorry for the rambling

User Info: cassiopea

2 weeks ago#6
PS3>Xbox360>Steam>Ps4>Xone and continue on switch.
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User Info: JMLSP

2 weeks ago#7
I've been playing since vanilla release on xbox 360! Amazing game...
GT: JMLSP Pawn: Marina lvl 200 strider; Alt: HopedBeef41 Pawn: Yvar lvl 200 warrior; Alt: WifelyTrain0711 Pawn: Aeariel lvl 200 sorceress

User Info: womackcn

2 weeks ago#8
3rd or 4th version for me. I'm pumped! Definitely something I'm into. I didn't play the original release but once I discovered it I was hooked.

User Info: Toadwartt

4 days ago#9
Yep played since release on both consoles.
"Then I saw it, a giant vagina with teeth, and I knew from then on that this was my series." -- MooreCoffee

User Info: Gemma1

3 days ago#10
I played vanilla Dragon’s Dogma on PS3 since release. Then the Dark Arisen expansion until my console died in 2014. RIP.

Played PC version when it released in 2016, but jumped back onto the PS4 version in May 2018. I still play it every day, in between all the other games I’ve got.

I’ve sunk thousands of hours in total into the game: with the most being on PS3/PS4.

Proud to say I’m ranked #13 in the world on the PS4 UrDragon Hunter Tablet for PS4.

PSN: Gemmalady/pawn: Barahir, Strider/lvl 200, PSN: Gemmalady2345/pawn: Kate, Ranger/lvl 200
Switch: SW-5481-0965-4993
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