1 year ago #1

Having player some hours with the Starcraft Editor, I get stuck and require some help.

What I have achieved so far is marked "OK".
What I am stuck into is marked "FAILING".

I need to edit the Map "Broodwar/Webmaps/Friends98.scm" to obtain the following behavior :

- Two teams : 2 Humans VS 4 Computers : OK
- The 2 humans are in the same team, and will start from the left of the map (the base location will not be random) : OK
- The 4 computers are in the same team : OK

- The computers will have a base, and play against the humans team : FAILED !
Help is needed here, because when the map starts, computers have NO BASE AT ALL.
The result is a message "The Game ended in a Draw", 3 seconds after the game start.

I went to the triggers window, but not really sure what actions I need to specify for the computers having a base, develop it, and attack us in a normal and random way. By "normal", I mean that I have seen that I can specify the difficulty level for each IA, and "suicide missions", but I am not sure that this will fit. I do not explicitely computers to rush us. They can, or not, depending of the IA.

There must be a more simpler way to achieve my goal ;-)

I thank you very much ;-) (yes : Very!)