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  3. Smoke Overrated GARBAGE
I mean. Its just smoke. His moveset from MK 2011 was utter garbage. His fatalities were cool though. I just don't get it.. I'd take Tremor over that guy.
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User Info: LunasHowl

6 days ago#3

User Info: ChrisObama

6 days ago#4
Never was a smoke or noob fan although I did like them as a tag team duo characters. I can see why smoke appeals to the casuals. But yeah I'd take Tremor over smoke anyday

User Info: bluemario22

6 days ago#5
Been Smoke fan since the original 2d era, I just want the demon Smoke they teased, but s*** I’d take Tremor .
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6 days ago#6
I prefer Tremor to Smoke myself - but I'd still want Smoke.
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User Info: Lyrica

6 days ago#7
And Reptile isn't?

User Info: SmashK

6 days ago#8
Tremor ROCKS!

User Info: ShadowRaiden00

6 days ago#9
I never cared much for Smoke

his gimmick is more like a side ability, actual smoke is not a very good ability to work with when you have Wind, Fire and Earth already used

the only other palette swap who I considered lower is Rain, and right above him, Reptile

they are the bottom 3
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User Info: Decapre

6 days ago#10
Can’t we just have all the ninjas?
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