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User Info: jaoman69

11 months ago#62
Gore and sex appeal don't mix.

User Info: ratchet200

11 months ago#63
jaoman69 posted...
Gore and sex appeal don't mix.
Agreed. Although people can have some weird fetishes man...
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User Info: Blue-Lemon-Z

11 months ago#64
TC, you're about a year late (actually, exactly one year late, because today's MK11's 1 one year anniversary. Time sure does fly by.) But I will agree and say that the sex appeal was toned down far too much. It's one of the disappointments of the game, although it's not really that important. I didn't expect Kitana and Jade to look so.... "clothed", "average" and "bland". Especially Skarlet. She went from a half naked ninja to an airfighter pilot. Her old design was tacky and tasteless, sure, but goddamn you didn't have to chop off her t*** and throw a rag over her.

However, I don't fully agree with this "sjw" and "woke" nonsense being flung around. I'm on the fence with it. I do think Warner Brothers and Netherrealm were definitely trying to appeal to those who get easily offended by t*** and asses, and yes, that's very pathetic of them to donthat (it's mortal f***ing kombat, where you can rip Kung Lao's skin off like a banana peel. Joker can call in a wheelchaired hostage who can f***ing explode into gorey bits. Jiggling boobs and sexy bikinis should not be considered offensive in the game like this, especially if done in a reasonable way).

But I'm not gonna declare the entire game "woke". Because "wokeness" just seems to slapped onto anything if it has a whiff of progressives by bigots and weirdos. I feel the rest of the game was mostly untouched by this so called "wokeness". I do have mixed feelings on Jax's ending, because while I believe Jax was always a proud african american man and did a noble deed (and of course black slavery was f***ing horrible on all levels, even despite the benefits of their descendants living in America), I don't think it was entirely necessary and they didn't have to literally use the word "woke".

I use the word "woke" with great restraint, because it's just not me, and sometimes there's subltely to this problem. Bigoted people tend to spam woke whenever there's things they don't like, or if they don't like LGBT or minority characters (only because they're LGBT or not white). But you also can't deny that sometimes these big companies just shoehorn things to carelessly pander to certain people. Or in MK11's case, get rid of sexiness because they were probably terrified of being declared as sexist.

Basically, if MK11 truly wanted to have evolved character design while not s***ting on fans who liked sexy, they should've reached a better middle ground. Sonya and Jacqui could remain the same because they're business action army women. D'vorah and Sheeva should remain the same, because they're inhuman monster women. Meanwhile, Kitana, Jade, Skarlet, should've all been sexier and skimpier, with prettier faces, less clothing, MK9 costumes, and bigger t****** and butts. Cassie should've had sexy workout costumes because she strikes me as an narcissistic instagram brat who likes the attention of showing off a sexy body. Also change Frost's weird haircut and shrink Cetrion's jawline, because those honestly aren't very appealing.

Too bad they didn't do that. I think it wouldn't have been written off as woke if it did that. Although the people who incessantly spout this word's opinions don't matter anyway.
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User Info: Sega9599

11 months ago#65
Idontlikejokes posted...
I figured this was a serious complaint that’s probably been here since release. I was just hoping someone could fill me in on why mk11 has no fan service

You said the game has no sex appeal at all, when the costumes posted above clearly do make the characters look sexy.

What about Mk1 huh???

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User Info: XioDrago

11 months ago#66
Oh good, we needed another topic to stir up the ravenous anti-SJW clique.

User Info: alcoria

11 months ago#67
We have 2 opposing sides of gamer here.
One that "this game costume is ridiculously too skimpy, it's unrealistic"
And the one that "why the hell this game doesn't have any fanservice outfit"
I'm talking about character costume in gaming in general

Is it me or gaming become more expensive, especially if you are a college student.
Also, Gameplay > Story > Graphic

User Info: thedarklordx3

11 months ago#68
Idontlikejokes posted...
So I’m new to mk11 I mostly play sf5. But I am shocked and know there has to be a story behind it. Why is the easily, most disgustingly graphically violent video game ever made. Suddenly against having skimpy costumes? Imagine how much more hyped you would be with quality skins for your mains?

people probably gonna say I’m some pervert but honestly yeah skimpy outfits make enjoyability go up for me and probably many others

also I’m a street fighter guy noob in on mk11. So far my best character is jade, would love to learn an annoying cetrion, but if anyone can recommend any characters that translate the qcf or qcb type gameplay/combos would be appreciated

It's a western game, many westerners are more afraid of kotaku articles and Twitter feminists than disappointing their fans. Or worse, many of these companies directly take their advice and employ them.

Over in japan though the only type of person that has time for video games are teenagers and otaku (basically nerds who play video games and watch anime all day without social lives or careers. They're also whales for spending money.) So they're usually immune to this BS until their American divisions have enough money to waste on a censorship department.
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User Info: pwiggler

11 months ago#69
Becauee ugly women hame/make games and dont to be less attractive than 2d
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User Info: Fenrir-Juubi

11 months ago#70
The character design is literally a gay man, you're only gonna get shirtless Geras.
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