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  3. Are you happy with Takeda possibly coming back ?

User Info: SmashK

2 days ago#21
Voted no because there are other characters I’d rather have, but hopefully he turns out cool.

User Info: KaleAndBroly

2 days ago#22
Mechani11Kong posted...
I'm always hyped for any MK character coming back.

Fujin for MK11

User Info: godofwar596

2 days ago#23
Best of the kombat kids so yea
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User Info: afrodude77

2 days ago#24
Yes he and Jacqui are my favorites of the Kombat kids.

User Info: ktbandit

2 days ago#25
Only character in the leaked pack that I remotely care about lol. I’ll try everyone out, but my hype level is super low.
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User Info: MindwalkerX

2 days ago#26
If it's not a guest, i'm ok with It.
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User Info: LightningPooh

1 day ago#27
KaleAndBroly posted...
I'm happy as long as it's an MK character
MK has become such a cash grab that people are happy to even see an obscure terrible MK character as DLC now, oop.
"Your skin is glowing! Maybe I'll steal it in Mortal Kombat 15."
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  3. Are you happy with Takeda possibly coming back ?
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