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  3. Are you happy with Takeda possibly coming back ?

User Info: LightningPooh

6 days ago#11
AmyVista posted...
Because he's not Mileena ?
No, because he’s a non-event.
"Your skin is glowing! Maybe I'll steal it in Mortal Kombat 15."
- Kiteena Kang to Scorpion, Mortal Kombat 14

User Info: Breaker8387

6 days ago#12
Absolutely, he was my fav out of the 4, “Kombat kids” that is.
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User Info: Yuji Kaido

Yuji Kaido
6 days ago#13
I'm fine with Jacquis lesser half being here.
"Just another free win." - Goddess Jacqui Briggs
Remember when games were entertainment and not political soapboxes? Yuji Kaido remembers.

User Info: MKScorpion

6 days ago#14
Depends if he looks cool and has a new voice actor.

I thought he looked pretty goofy in MKX and while his VA is not a bad actor he sounded way too young or light for the character, like the voice didn't match his face.

User Info: Mechani11Kong

6 days ago#15
I'm always hyped for any MK character coming back.
PSN: Shin-Kong

User Info: AmyVista

6 days ago#16
trevor400 posted...
ou actually think cassie is better in this game than mkx.. just because you sucked at running.

My run cancel combos says otherwise. Cassie's gameplay is worse in MK11 than MKX only because MKX's gameplay was overall better. When it comes to design and personality, Cassie is definitely better in MK11 than in MKX imo.
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don't care
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User Info: KeJo6

6 days ago#18
Yeah, although I'm sure personalitywise, for better or worse, he won't be the same character, as the other two playable Kombat Kids got changed between appearances.
PSN: KeJo13
(edited 6 days ago)

User Info: Cam_Obscura

6 days ago#19
He was my main in MKX so yeah. I wonder if NRS would give him more telekinetic moves to compensate for the lack of Ermac/Kenshi?

User Info: KaleAndBroly

6 days ago#20
I'm happy as long as it's an MK character
Fujin for MK11
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