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User Info: Rafficus_III

1 week ago#41
It’s extremely anemic and poorly chosen. I get that NRS wants to create the product they want, but this is a weak line-up filled with C-list MK characters and 80’s icons. This will probably me the first MK content I pass on.

User Info: bnmp

1 week ago#42
@metalx88 posted...
@bnmp you just love to hurt me...I don’t do this to you. What’s wrong with one character and me being happy?

Actually, you've done a pretty good job selling me on Havik's potential. If it were up to me, he'd be in. I'd swap him for Stryker or Fujin (assuming I can't toss the guests out).

Fujin is alright, but I'd rather just give any cool wind moves to Kitana, Cetrion or Sindel. And Stryker? Seriously? I did not see that one.

This is not must-have dlc for me.

User Info: SLCSlayer29

1 week ago#43
ScrappyDingo posted...
I'll skip this pack. Takeda is stupid and useless and there probably to have every intro be about his waifu. Man Sheeva is meh. Stryker is gonna be fun when he causes controversy. Fujin is whatever. Ash is cool. f*** Robocop. Another boring, emotionalless gun using machine man.

I agree with this comment 100%. The only 2 I like are Ash and Stryker. Everyone else, especially Sheeva, is straight up garbage.

User Info: Cheribam_J

6 days ago#44
Stryker and Fujin have my hype and love already.

Takeda better not be as boring as he was in MKX. I'd have prefered Kung Jin.

Sheeva I have zero interest towards.

Ash and Robocop make their point : the guests overdose is becoming annoying.

User Info: QJD1381

6 days ago#45
Sheeva and Stryker instead of literally any of the ninjas (a.k.a Kharacters people actually want) is just stupid enough to be believable. Reminder that these are the same people that gave us Bo Rai Cho in MKX.

But hey, at least we finally get more actual MK Kharacters than guests for once. That counts for something, right? Right?
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User Info: Benlo

6 days ago#46
Don't forget that : NRS is keeping some ninja and beloved characters from MK11 to put them in MK12 and get the hype about it.

It's sad, but that's the reality of marketing/advertising.

User Info: barakall

6 days ago#47
Awful, god awful and that's with long requested Fujin and Sheeva.

No Kung Jin out of all the kombat kids would be a disgrace!!
Takeda - mkx main
Fujin - mk4 main
Sheeva - I like Kintaro more
Stryker - I like him, but another gun user? Mixed feelings
Ash - I play him in dead by daylight so ok I guess
Robocop - april fools joke? No? Damn....

Still waiting for smoke...........

If that turns out to be the KP2 I'm going to save myself some money. It's not that I dislike the character, I just couldn't get myself to care about any of them and I don't find them interesting. Not even the slightest bit.
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User Info: Benlo

6 days ago#50
Sareena being cut again makes me mad.
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