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I love robocop.. looking forward to this if true.
I'm ok with this KP, but I really miss Reptile and hoped he'd be included :(

User Info: MauroMartel

1 week ago#33
Robocop? Ash Williams? Hell no. No more guests. Also, as much as I like Stryker, the game is overcrowded with gun users as it currently is.
Honor above everything.

User Info: XDarkLordX

1 week ago#34
I like Takeda.... that is about it.
MK11: Skarlet, Cassie Cage, Cetrion, Shang Tsung, Shao Kahn, Sindel, Joker

User Info: LinkScorbunny

1 week ago#35
Everyone here had to expect 2-3 guests so this is normal

so it seems about right. Fujin and Takeda may be cool though. Atleast we know they wont come out last like spawn (fingers crossed)
Official Shao Kahn of the Mk11 boards.

User Info: Breaker8387

1 week ago#37
It’s not bad, robocop & Stryker seem kinda of redundant.

User Info: Darksteelwing

1 week ago#38
50/50,same as the first Kombat Pack for me. For KP1 I was happy about Shang, Sindel and Spawn but disliked Terminator's and Joker's inclusion (didn't really mind Nightwolf but don't particulary care for him either).

Glad that we're possibly getting Takeda, Fujin and Sheeva, don't mind Ash but dislike Robocop and Stryker.

I'd like to point out that even though I wish we got someone other than Stryker, at least we got 4 Kharacters and only 2 guests this time.

User Info: HaiTian

1 week ago#39
only mk character concern me
"kneel and lick my boots." (Sindel, MK11) "With my glaive, my staff, and my life." (Jade, MK11) "No, I'm Edenian." (Kitana, MK11)
Pootbird posted...
Who wants YOU???
That remark certainly welcomes different points of view...

Oh, GameFAQs!
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  3. Fujin, Sheeva, Takeda, Stryker, Ash Williams, Robocop
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