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User Info: chingi1

5 days ago#11
Been expecting this pack for a year now. Not robocop but figured 3 guests and instead it looks like two and added Takeda who I didn’t expect to return. Looks like kut kharacters kan kome back lol.

ive always been more hopeful for a potential kp3 to see characters that I want. If not, we will be another year closer to the next game I guess.

User Info: SpartenX20

5 days ago#12
Proabably the most boring picks imaginable lmao

Anyone and anything but Rain, Reptile and Ermac huh
Depends on their gameplay honestly. Spawn is so cool but he's not that fun to play.

I hope they take Takeda up to 11.
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User Info: KeJo6

5 days ago#14
You know how Stryker's gimmick was supposed to be "he's just a guy with a gun"? Now he's even less unique in the series.

Ash I'm still all for.

Fujin, and Sheeva were known, but

Takeda, if true is a pleasant suprise. The intros with Jacqui are going to be f***ing awful though. Might get some good ones where he's terrified of Jax however.

Robocop...he's the Michael Myers to Terminator's Jason. Just a weaker character with less options from the source material to draw from.
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User Info: KCJ5062

5 days ago#15
If Robocop is in, then I really don't see the need for Stryker since they both use firearms and we already have plenty of those.
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User Info: CLupula

5 days ago#16
Ash is my #1 requested KP2 character. He is the one character who, if he is missing from KP2, I won't buy it. All the MK characters, except for Takeda, are boring ones, and I worry Robocop might be too slow. But if Ash is in it, I'll buy it.

User Info: ChrisObama

5 days ago#17
Besides fujin and sheeva and tekeda, this kombat pack is hot dookie juice. Someone needs to hurry up and buy the MK rights from WB because they dont know what the f*** their doing.

User Info: metalx88

5 days ago#18
@Pootbird no Havik fam
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User Info: Pootbird

5 days ago#19
metalx88 posted...
@Pootbird no Havik fam
Yeah I didn’t create the leaks breh
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User Info: bnmp

5 days ago#20
metalx88 posted...
no Havik fam

As it should be. =p
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