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  3. Your Honest opinion on Jacqui?

User Info: Blue-Lemon-Z

1 month ago#1
I’m curious because people either love her (possibly obsessed with her like Yuji Kaido) or they hate her and consider the worst character not named Hsu Hao.

Personally, it’s a mixed bag. She’s one of my mains because of her playstyle and her appearance (Gotta appreciate the fact she’s one of the few black chicks in gaming, let alone fighting games). But I can’t deny she’s one of the most boring and uncreative MK characters out there. Her dialogue mostly sucks and is phoned in. If given the choice, I’d choose whatever classic characters over her, like Mileena, Rain, cyber ninjas anyday. I don’t even like Mileena all that much but it’d been better if she replaced her. Sorry Jacqui.
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User Info: Yuji Kaido

Yuji Kaido
1 month ago#2
She is perfection.
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User Info: XDarkLordX

1 month ago#3
I don't really care for her. Not really that interesting. I'd take the characters you listed over her, easily.

Her being in games doesn't matter to me, as, I don't use her.
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User Info: Jimbo190

1 month ago#4
She's better than 99% of the 3D era chars and personally one of the few female chars I like in MK.

User Info: GRankbowhunter

1 month ago#5
she ugly... and she acts like a bit.... so i dis like her.
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User Info: KSA_ZACK

1 month ago#6
She's meh, but then again, Special Forces as a whole is a big 'meh' in my book. Any character in that faction is doomed to be dull, with very few exceptions.
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User Info: Fell

1 month ago#7
As a muay thai fighter myself I absolutely love her movement and general design. Lady Sagat minus the zoning. I like her 2nd variation for it's mechanics, i think it's actually a kind of refreshing setup playstyle for her archetype. She has some really cool and different strings. And I like her appearence a lot, I love a couple of her outfits.

Having said that, her personality is non existent. Which is a shame. She is basically Random Black Girl With An Attitude But Not Too Much Attitude #4 in a movie about someone else. She is the main character's friend's girlfriend that has 2 lines in the movie. I think diversity is needed and should be natural, not even something to comment on, but she could be so much more. Even Kollector and Geras have more personality; you know what they would say in various situations. Jacqui? Whatever. Something bland.

And she, in my opinion, is hands down the most broken character in MK11, at least online. I don't even get mad or frustrated when losing to her; I just get tired. Weary. Bored. She carries such bad players to high rank it's not even funny, and they don't even admit it most times.
Her v1 is downright brain dead and easy mode and rewards moronic scrub play. It takes zero skill and barely any game knowledge to do well with her.
V2 is strong, I think it's a lot stronger than most give it credit for, but it's not as crazy as the others. Fun to play.
Her v3 actually requires fast and somewhat hard inputs and actual space control, but it is so incredibly strong it makes almost every other character pointless to use. Like, why even bother when she can do all that?

Jacqui, Liu, Geras and Johnny needs to be toned down. But especially Jacqui and Geras. Which is evident as tournament after tournament consists of Jacqui or Geras mirrors, if it isn't Johnny or Liu mirrors. Devs should be embarrassed.
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User Info: ShadowRaiden00

1 month ago#8
Jax's daughter
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User Info: Pootbird

1 month ago#9
I like her. But she’s definitely very inspiring as a character

But Jacqui is a good person who means well and I think she looks attractive, so I can’t hate her.
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User Info: VisceralVenom

1 month ago#10
Insufferable character, ugly design, terrible skins, and comically bad dialog and intro and victories.

Everything about Jaqci is awful, if only Shao Kahn broke her spine instead of Kotal Kuckbag.
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