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User Info: SkittySaysMeow

1 month ago#11
i was content the second I saw Sindel. Would like reptile too but ermac, sareena, and havik, too? NRS would just be spoiling me at that point.
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User Info: metalx88

1 month ago#12
I like the list, but where did Reiko leak? If so, instamain, unless Havik is actually in them Kano, Nightwolf, and Kabal will be taking another two spots down on the list
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User Info: Dragonkeeper82

1 month ago#13
Neither Sareena or Reiko were leaked but were on the closest leak to what we got that also claimed most of the DLC characters for KP1.

User Info: DeusMortem

1 month ago#14
They seem to be going for. garbage cast this time around so I doubt Sektor will be added.
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User Info: Dragonkeeper82

1 month ago#15
Lol if Scorpions teleport punch wasn’t bad enough I can imagine the hate we’ll see from Sektor’s (always had Scorpions beat for the cheapest, then add humming missle to the equation).
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