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  3. Which composite character is the strongest?

User Info: LightningAce11

4 weeks ago#1
As in, a character with all their variation moves in one. Assume no moves are replaced and all can be used at once.

User Info: Genzanin

4 weeks ago#2
Scorpion is a good one
swing chain mid screen long time combo good AA
hell grab is instant
fire breath walks in for pressure
hell port kills zoning play
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User Info: SkittySaysMeow

4 weeks ago#3
Yeah Scorpion comes to mind.
So does Shang Tsung.
Terminator getting terminate is a pretty good point full stop, let alone with everything else.
D’Vorah gets insane damage, a lot of safety, great KBs and ridiculous pressure

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User Info: DeanToskic

4 weeks ago#4
Kotal Kahn deserves a mention.

As does Sub-Zero.

User Info: DeusMortem

4 weeks ago#5
Kabal, Noob Saibot and Sub-Zero spring to mind.
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User Info: serpentaurus

4 weeks ago#6
Shang. Free.

Maybe Cetrion too. And Liu Kang. And Johnny because he would get so many KBs lol
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User Info: RchHomieQuanChi

4 weeks ago#7
Liu Kang would be so busted if he had his Wu Shi teleport, low fireball and command grabs all in the same variation lmao
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User Info: AfroPrime

4 weeks ago#8
Raiden would be like a regular character
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User Info: jlaw12204

4 weeks ago#9
Liu kang would have a teleport , parry, overhead low mix and a command grab (that sucks but still) . He would literally be fire god

User Info: OnlySkin

4 weeks ago#10
The best would probably be Liu and Terminator

Jade would actually play the same game the other zoners are currently playing
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