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  3. Anyone feel bad for Kronika when you defeat her in tower?

User Info: Credonator

4 weeks ago#11
No sympathy for her Caillou lookin’ ass.
Hail Kitana Kahn

User Info: Fell

4 weeks ago#12
I have as much sympathy for her as I do for Frost. Or a tick.

So damn unlikeable
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User Info: CODEumb87

4 weeks ago#13
Credonator posted...
No sympathy for her Caillou lookin’ ass.


User Info: MaxStar360

4 weeks ago#14
I do, kinda. But like others said, she was never going to give a f*** about ANY characters fate so she needed to die ofc and it's MK for crying out loud. Her death was mercifully quick. Too quick. But yikes, that HAS to hurt like a mofo.

One thing tho: It seems with her head plit open ... she is still alive? She seems to be groaning and looking astonished but hmm... Too much noise going on but isn't she groaning in pain? Haven't seen it for months now, but I sometimes wonder if the only thing that could actually *kill* a Titan is being erased by the Hourglass or something simarly momentous.

That said her story death... Well, she was killed by a god (or demigod at the least)

Note that I actually DO believe the glass kills her but am unsure so what does everyone think? Is killing a Titan with a teeny piece of glass too easy for a supposedly all-powerful being?
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User Info: HaiTian

4 weeks ago#15
Poison Ivy: Here to tango?
Kronika: Your DC universe timeline is doomed, Pamela.
Poison Ivy: then I won't feel bad killing you.
"kneel and lick my boots." (Sindel, MK11) "With my glaive, my staff, and my life." (Jade, MK11)

User Info: Beasthorn6

4 weeks ago#16
No way !!
Try fighting her on very hard and you won't feel anything for her.

User Info: cyclops10

4 weeks ago#17
Obviously i don't feel bad that she died, but I thought the way she did was just...lame?

An all powerful time god is killed by a shard of glass, and then her head splits in two parts like fanny flaps with a big fan.


4 weeks ago#18
I spent 3 hours last night trying to beat her on very hard with Shao Kahn. Couldn't do it. She's somehow able to block during her summoning of the bubble and disco ball, and she takes away 75% of my health with a single unbreakable combo. Even if I manage to knock her around a bit, one of the other kombatants she tags in almost always turns out to be either Noob or Jacqui, and since they're on the very hard AI cheat juice, they can't be punished on blocking any of their attacks except Noob's teleport, which he never tries raw on me. They get to button-read me and counter with literally zero-frame startups all day, doing combos that are impossible for actual players.

So no, Kronika can get a chainsaw colonoscopy on an infinite loop and get no sympathy from me. NRS needs to develop an actual AI for its next game instead of taking the shortcut of having higher difficulty bots straight up cheat. It's been the same BS since the first MK.
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User Info: Genzanin

4 weeks ago#19
it s not normal glass
it s of the time hourglass itself
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  3. Anyone feel bad for Kronika when you defeat her in tower?
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