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  3. Anyone feel bad for Kronika when you defeat her in tower?

User Info: Blue-Lemon-Z

4 weeks ago#1
Poor baby tries to crawl for her helmet, only to get her head split like a watermelon by sharp glass. Still makes me wince.
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User Info: Genzanin

4 weeks ago#2
treat yourself use Nightwolf first fatality
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User Info: DeusMortem

4 weeks ago#3
Oh, no. I was honestly amazed they’d give such an utterly brutal ending to a female character. I’m all for equality so it was great!
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User Info: VisceralVenom

4 weeks ago#4
No? lol

It's very satisfying to watch her struggle in agony for that Burger King helmet, and then suddenly have her face sliced in half.

She deserved worse as much as NRS grandstander her, and she become another boring cookie cutter boss in the forgotten MK universe.

User Info: TongYoon

4 weeks ago#5
She erased the entire MK history.
f*** the b**** in her glowing shaved p****.

User Info: Corspegrinder28

4 weeks ago#6
I'm gonna go do a tower so I can see her get wrecked again.

f*** a Kronika and 40 muhf***as that look like her.
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User Info: DevilishManners

4 weeks ago#7
It's hard for me to feel bad for her when she threatens to delete me from history before the fight.

User Info: DeanToskic

4 weeks ago#8
Nope. It was glorious.

User Info: SanguineCalamus

4 weeks ago#9
b**** causes a system reboot.

User Info: Kayako_Saeki

4 weeks ago#10
I don’t feel bad for baldy.
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  3. Anyone feel bad for Kronika when you defeat her in tower?
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