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User Info: Aeramis

1 week ago#1
Letting everyone know that new Mortal Kombat OG Funko Pops have been announced. A must for all Mortal Kombat fans. Below are the pics.


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User Info: BenjaMan64

1 week ago#2
The Raiden ones seem like they want to consult with the Elder Gods.

Thanks for sharing. Hoping for Johnny Cage, Kano and Sonya ones too.
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User Info: serpentaurus

1 week ago#3
Most boring characters lol

I would only MAYBE get Ermac Skarlet Shang and Kollector
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User Info: solid_kush

1 week ago#4
I think Funko’s are pretty lame honestly.

Also I once knew this one obnoxious and annoying dude that would collect these and he made me dislike them even more lol.
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User Info: GamingVet

1 week ago#5
The Raiden one looks cool..but I am surprised they are still so popular..sometimes I can't believe it.

User Info: Lizuka

1 week ago#6
I'm mostly confused by why you would do MK1 Liu Kang. Even granting that he's one of the faces of the franchise (granted I don't think he's actually all that popular?) that's just a really boring design.

I dunno, I don't really understand these things anyway, don't like the art style.

User Info: kreeders

1 week ago#7
you all do know this is all MK1 right

User Info: Plant42

1 week ago#8
Aren’t these the exact same characters they released for MKX too?


1 week ago#9
Still no Johnny Cage?
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