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  3. The PS4 game crashing error seems to be back with the Terminator

User Info: Mechani11Kong

1 month ago#1
It's when the screen turns blue, says an error occurred and the game completely closes. It hasn't happened to me in 3-4 months or so but after the Terminator DLC it's already happened twice in a few hours.
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User Info: Cuev0

1 month ago#2
Yeah i agree. Crashed on me 3 times today.

User Info: HarrowInc

1 month ago#3
It never left for me, and seems far more likely to happen when I haven't been using items and decide to add one halfway into a tower.

User Info: wykdjester

1 month ago#4
Glad to see I'm not the only one. It kicked me out of game 5 times and said my player settings were damaged
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User Info: bewster74

1 month ago#5
Happened to me 3 times within one hour.

User Info: Ite

1 month ago#6
Getting this too at the end of a tower. Don't even want to play anymore.

User Info: Barber102

1 month ago#7
It happened to me at the start of the tag battle in his premier tower.
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User Info: FritesMayo

1 month ago#8
Same, happened twice, each time at the fifth fight of a tower of time

User Info: zeljo

1 month ago#9
Happens every time i try to play the tag tower in the Terminator tower, tried it 6 times.
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User Info: karalycos

1 month ago#10
Same goes for me.I was so happy that it went away after the last update but kudos to NRS for introducing this evil to an already buggy game again.
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  3. The PS4 game crashing error seems to be back with the Terminator
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