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  3. Terminator is such a boring character..

User Info: mugs4jugs16

1 week ago#1
Why even add him in the game? Besides try to sell movie tickets..

User Info: BBoy2020

1 week ago#2
It's really just your opinion. I think he works very well as an MK character. Yes it's because his movie is coming out but fact 1 doesn't change opinion 1.

User Info: TeknoOdin

1 week ago#3
he has hardly any moves and they're a little slow on startup but i dont think he's boring ..sadly i DO feel his grapple variation is gonna be his worse variation since, well.. no real combo extention (maybe they should have made his infiltrator toss a standard special ) and little to no tick throws...so ill probably pass on himso far shang is the only dlc character that hasn't felt like a waste of money :/
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User Info: OnlySkin

1 week ago#4
Horrible actor, horrible movie, horrible character

User Info: somnambulist07

1 week ago#5
I am more excited about Johnny Cages tux tbh, it looks so good, best Johnny skin by far!
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User Info: JoeBuck80

1 week ago#6
Yeahh, I'm not feeling him either. Just overall he seems very meh. It's like they spent more time on a lot of the wrong details--I mean wow is that first fatality uninspired! Woulda made more sense if he simply shot the bike instead and it exploded killing the character! Also visually it would have looked different than just another body explosion.
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User Info: ArgoSexyMan

1 week ago#7
He’s cool imo. That running man move is my s***.

I also like the references in his grenade gear like MKDC- Crossover Arnament
Baraka Kahn

User Info: ssjmatthew

1 week ago#8
His ai f***ing sucks I'll tell you that much, he whiffs his air grab constantly and he uses it every other move, regardless of whether or not they're airborn, it's almost worse than geras used to be with his stupid fist charge attack.
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User Info: Kondorito

1 week ago#9
Imagine the Fatality being like the T2 highway chase scene, where Arnie drives a truck into the stage, overturns it, jumps out of it, truck drops and drags all the way to the other character, sparks and s***, spilling oil and exploding the entire scenario. Arnie walks to the camera not looking at the explosion. That would be much better than the simple bike buttstroke we got.
Yeah pretty boring lol
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  3. Terminator is such a boring character..
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