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  3. Where does this come from in MK?

User Info: Genzanin

4 weeks ago#1
Hi Kombattants,
last time i did a Skarlet boss coop tower
i got something interesting in the rewards

"Kannibal Ferox "mask

what s interesting is the name!!

Cannibal Ferox

it s an Italian movie from the 70's
very violent and bloody almost banned ,they also say it used live animals for gore sequences..
Eli Roth s Green Inferno took inspiration from CF.
If you have guts give it a shot if you're not sure first watch GI and then CF

Find nice a violent film gets homaged in a violent game

And probly there are more homages in unlockables

So if you find some do share here!!
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User Info: ssjmatthew

4 weeks ago#2
Pretty sure Iike 90% of them are references.
Never underestimate the stupidity of people, and never hesitate to take advantage of it.
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  3. Where does this come from in MK?
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