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  3. Just had an Erron use his FB twice.

User Info: Bellethor

4 days ago#11
cyclops10 posted...
Bellethor posted...
Damn, it just sucks because you probably weren't expecting to deal with the Mexican Standoff situation that armor puts you in twice.

Right. He also won the second round because of said armor. He literally won the match because NRS are s*** at making games that don't play like trash.

I agree. Especially that new OS tech that breaks the game. A former employee told me they only have 2 people that are actually good at fighting games on their QA team out of 10
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User Info: OnlySkin

4 days ago#12
Wtf is wrong with Erron's FB hitboxes? I was in the air doing Jade's ex air glaive. I jumped in the exact moment he started doing his FB and it just hit me out of the sky by the time Jade was throwing her second glaive despite the fact that it wasn't high enough to hit me while she was throwing the first glaive and she doesn't get lower to throw the second one. Wtf

User Info: GamingVet

4 days ago#13
I got hit with a couple Erron shots at the end of animation but it didnt trigger the FB.

User Info: masterman97

4 days ago#14
Wow. Lmfao how on earth is this acceptable?
I have to wait until March for Spawn.

User Info: n00bsaib0t

4 days ago#15
cyclops10 posted...
Pootbird posted...
If the full animation didn’t play out then it won’t count as a proper FB use

Ugh, losing a match because of a glitch is some bs.

That's not a glitch. Any character that gets hit out of FB before it transitions into the cinematic portion of the move can do this. No cinematic, no FB. It's the same reason you can have an armored wake up eat a hit of your FB and not have it spend your FB. It could be argued as a stupid ass mechanic, but even then other games have had supers that don't spend the meter unless they connect, like Vega in SSF2T. His super isn't spent when he hits the wall, it's spent when he grabs his opponent. And that's one character in the game. At least in MK11 it's every character that can do this, but I would still argue that as strong as FB is that this should be changed.
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User Info: ssjmatthew

3 days ago#16
masterman97 posted...
Wow. Lmfao how on earth is this acceptable?

You're acting like the game bricks your ps4.
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User Info: solid_kush

3 days ago#17
Fatal Blows shouldn’t have armor in my opinion.
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  3. Just had an Erron use his FB twice.
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