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  3. What is your player level?

User Info: Ite

4 days ago#1
Just reached 84.

User Info: Kylo_Ren_

4 days ago#2
Wow. You're better than me.
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User Info: Breaker8387

4 days ago#3
89, you just have to play the game a lot whether it be you or the AI.

User Info: LORDVADER110

4 days ago#4
Feel the power of the dark side. You smart mouths.

User Info: dorkman

4 days ago#5
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85. Sub-Zero, Shao-Kahn, Noob Saibot.
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User Info: TheProfessah

4 days ago#7
Low 60s I think.
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User Info: hogan13

4 days ago#8
I'm almost to 70 but i admit i am terrible at this game against real players, i just stick to the towers of time

User Info: Xav_Games

4 days ago#9
Level 80, and about 99.8% of that is AI tower grinding to finish out each of the characters.

User Info: GBScott

4 days ago#10
71 mostly online
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  3. What is your player level?
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