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  3. Sonicfox is playing Frost in his stream now

User Info: ZoneDrones

4 days ago#21

Sonic's frost vs Honeybee's noob.

It was actually kinda even for what was like a week 1 frost for sonic maybe.

Looked like he mainly used the cryogenic head thing for stage control and to bait jump ins and offensive options. The throw to unblockable freeze is taken right out of the dvorah strat book.

Looking forward to seeing his more developed frost.

User Info: BBoy2020

4 days ago#22
Ice Machine is definitely the better of the two. Auger Lunge is a good combo ender with decent startup, unlike the scythe which is neither of those things. Both are unsafe though.

Glacier Calving is useless, but Microburst is a great move.
(edited 4 days ago)

User Info: Bellethor

4 days ago#23
Pootbird posted...
ZoneDrones posted...
And the arctic barage gives her a decent 50 50 too in that variation so that's always nice.

The Artic Barrage is reactable

But it’s okay. Ice Machine is still better. Cryomancer Crown is too inconsistent to be worth picking over the reliable Microburst and Auger Lunge

WT_Neptune posted...
What was it that you were saying invalidates b2 KB?


If people don't lab how to escape the Crown than Sonic will probably dominate with it.
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  3. Sonicfox is playing Frost in his stream now
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