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User Info: Damone

1 month ago#41
Nice work TC
Kitana one is my favorite.
Love Jade's hair and the Chainmail/Mesh on Mileena's outfit.

User Info: Genzanin

1 month ago#42
all nice xcpt for smoke looks sort of too young

reptile is the best remember to give him a Kopesh sword

keep it up!!
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User Info: shyguy08

1 month ago#43
funny how some random person on gamefaqs can make better character designs than NRS.
Welcome to the family, son.

User Info: VENOMOUS75

1 month ago#44
I voted Mileena. It just appeals to me.. I might have gone with Reptile, but something put me off about it. I think the mildly green skin defeats the purpose of the human disguise. I also, I'm not sure if I dig the unmasked humanoid look . Overall, I like all the designs.
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User Info: bnmp

1 month ago#45
CODEumb87 posted...
Too much going on seems to be a shared criticism, I'll have to look into solving that one I guess.

You may want to start simply by comparing the ladies outfits to the men's. The men don't have as much going on. Sometimes busy can work well - for instance, I like the loose straps for Mileena as it accentuates her wild and free personality. At other times, a few well chosen accessories may be better than over-accessorizing (e.g., Jade, imo).

CODEumb87 posted...
As for the boobs, I understand Mileena's look like dodgeballs. I did Jade's and Kitana's differently and I honestly can't make them any more better.

I don't believe that. You're already quite talented with an eye for detail, I'm just offering my thoughts because I believe you have it in you to be even better.

Back to the female figure, compare the right breast in the first sketch to that in the second. In the view from an angle, the breast doesn't look spherical, but you lose some of that when you turn the body for a straight on view. Here, I don't think it requires a big change; you may want to experiment with a slightly more concave line at the top of the breast (a dimple of sorts). Similarly, I think it can help if you use less lighter shading on the top half to give it more curve.

CODEumb87 posted...
... I've never considered my drawings to be realistic anyways.

That's fine. Your style is your own. Use the feedback as you like.
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